DETROIT — Another technology start-up is calling downtown Detroit home. Detroit Labs, a technology launch pad specializing in the creation of iPhone, iPad, Android and Web applications, will be one of several tech companies moving into the newly renovated Madison Theatre building when it officially opens next month.

Detroit Labs was launched earlier this year after receiving funding from Detroit Venture Partners, a venture capital firm that seeds early stage tech companies primarily located in downtown Detroit.

“We have assembled an extremely dynamic team, full of dreamers and doers, who will drive the success of our clients, company, and the city,” said Paul Glomski, Detroit Labs CEO and one of the company’s four founders.

Since being funded, Detroit Labs has completed several projects for clients ranging in size from local startups to several large companies including Caesars Entertainment and Made in Detroit, and has grown from four to 15 employees. The company expects to further expand in the year ahead, adding more jobs to the burgeoning tech hub in the heart of the city.

According to Glomski, what sets Detroit Labs apart from its tech competitors is that employees have the opportunity to work on personal projects in the company-funded lab.  Once completed, the projects could potentially be spun off into their own job-creating ventures.

“Aside from creating innovative applications and creative, cutting-edge Web sites for clients, we continuously strive to find the next big idea in technology that will be both profitable and a job creator for Detroit and this region,” Glomski said.

Detroit Venture Partners CEO Josh Linkner said the decision to seed Detroit Labs was an easy one.

“Today’s mobile technology-driven market provides an infinite amount of opportunity as many consumers are looking to replace the traditional PC with mobile devices that are growing more capable every day.  Detroit Labs, with its specialty in mobile application development, is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this trend,” said Linkner. “When you combine their expertise in this rapidly growing niche with their passion for entrepreneurship and creating spin-off companies, investing in Detroit Labs was a no-brainer.”

Detroit Labs is a Detroit-based technology launch pad, specializing in the creation of iPhone, iPad, Android and Web applications. The company is currently working on various augmented reality technologies, providing a new level of virtual realism to mobile devices.  Detroit Labs also recently released its first iPad game, titled Finger Treadmill, which is currently available in the App Store.

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Detroit Venture Partners,, is a venture capital firm that invests in seed and early-stage technology companies with a strong emphasis on Detroit-based startups. In addition to capital, the company provides hands-on coaching, mentorship, support, and resources to help drive growth and success.  Founded in 2010 and led by Josh Linkner, Dan Gilbert, Brian Hermelin and Earvin “Magic” Johnson, the firm aims to create jobs, urban density, and hope by backing the next generation of Detroit entrepreneurs.


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