FARMINGTON HILLS (WWJ) – The morning commute for drivers on I-696 near Orchard Lake Road got off to a smashing start Wednesday.

Traffic tipsters flooded the WWJ tip line around 6:20 a.m. Wednesday reporting a truck that spilled its entire haul of pumpkins, sending the orange gourds across the freeway – pulverized by passing drivers.

Tipster Pat Carmichael described the scene.

“There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of these pumpkins… There’s three lanes that are just covered with smashed pumpkins,” Carmichael said. “I’m just now getting toward Telegraph and the truck’s been pulled over by a police officer. The back of the truck has been sheared off.”

WWJ’s Bill Szumanski was over the scene in the WWJ Chopper.

“There are just so many of them down there that are getting smashed down to absolutely nothing. I-696 eastbound underneath Orchard Lake Road… and the pumpkins go from that point out another hundred yards or so,” Szumanski said.

Snow plows clean up the remains of pumpkins on I-696. (WWJ Photo/Ron Dewey)

WWJ’s Ron Dewey reports about an hour after the spill, the section of I-696 was closed momentarily so snow plows could clean up the mess.

Oakland County Road Commission spokesman Craig Bryson said it’s the first time he knows of the “underbelly plows,” which are typically utilized for smaller snow amounts, being used for pumpkin patrol.

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  1. Crash McCar says:

    For you rock fans, this is how you make “Smashing Pumpkins” a free event.

    1. luvenlust says:

      if it aint free it aint for me!
      i love smashing pumpkins… i can make me a pie while i rock to their new cd

  2. Booger McCoy says:

    I can’t remember why I bothered to click on this link.

  3. xingengyan says:

    Unknown message

  4. Scudbuster says:

    Bush’s fault.

    1. ed says:

      ah…you beat me to it….

  5. Bruce Brinkmann says:

    And this affects my life how? Pumpkin shortage. OMG! Pumpkin prices soar! OMG! Pumpkins added to endangered vegetable species list. OMG! Fun though. BOO!!!!

  6. regulas says:

    Let me guess, there will be a news piece on this soon blaming the high cost of anything pumpkin on this.

    1. fsgsf says:

      yep followed by one explaining the rise of fuel oil prices being blamed on speculaltion that the paper towels in the bathroom at a Shell station in Zimbabwe are running low… it’ll spike in 12 hours and take 8 weeks to relax again

  7. Harry Chapin says:

    30,000 pounds of…… pumpkins.

  8. Kc says:

    This will make a great math project for class.

  9. TJG says:

    Actually them pumpkin guts can be pretty slick, I can see this making for a dangerous situation.

  10. dw says:

    why the trail of sparks?

    1. snowbunny says:

      The underbody plows

  11. MDG says:

    Smashing Pumpkins. HA HA HA