LANSING (WWJ) – Motorcycle helmet use for adults would no longer be required in Michigan under legislation approved in a state house committee on Wednesday. This is a big accomplishment for bikers, who have protested the mandatory helmet law since the 1970s.

Under the bill, only those bikers ages 21 and older could ride without a helmet.

Republican State Representative Peter Pettralia from Presque Isle says this current measure will help the state.

“The bill is providing safety, along with allowing Michigan to grab these tourists that are traveling through all the states that surround us, and oftentimes up through Wisconsin, avoiding coming into Michigan because of our helmet laws,” says Pettralia.

The bills were approved on a 13-to-14 vote, despite opposition from several health and safety organizations.

The proposal now goes to the full House for consideration.

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  1. Les Accidents says:

    As car manufacturers expand safety measures by surrounding passengers with airbag protection, motorcycle riders choose more accident risk on Michigan’s wild and crazy highways.

    Helmet-less motorcyclists should then face reduce healthcare benefit to compensate their lack of concern for personal liability. Mitigating head trauma in bike accidents is a smart thing to do. Not wanting to wear a helmet suggests brain damage already

    1. Kevin says:

      Well said !

    2. Ray says:

      If you want to see crazy highways move to Florida, these people down here are far nuttier then Michigan. I’ve lived and rode bike in michigan for over 30 years, I just moved to Florida 3 months ago. it’s pure crazy on the roads down here.

  2. John Winger says:

    So no helmet so the riders can be “free” huh? Then using that same logic mandatory seat belt laws for cars should also be eliminated. And as for a rider’s “freedom” to not wear something that protects their head/face, what will protect me when a rock hits a rider in the eye at 60+ MPH and he loses control and crashes into MY car, killing or injuring me or a member of my family? Helmets protect more than just the rider!

    1. Ray says:

      Your an idiot, do you even know the law regarding protective eye-ware or is you mouth just running with your brain switched off? If you ride a motorized bike or moped in the state of michigan that goes above the speed limit of 35mph you must have on protective eye-ware. The helmet has nothing to do with the eye-ware law. God I swear people run there mouths about stuff they have no idea about. Next your probably going to tell me your some big company CEO. Check your facts and know what your talking about before you stuff your foot in your mouth.

  3. liberty says:

    Adults, whether on a bike or in a car should be able to choose if they want to be smart or not. This is not the Soviet Union, at least not yet. When you look at all the facts, not just the hyperbole from the media, you’ll notice that un-helmeted bikers(dumb) only account for a fractional increase in death. Since numerous police are injured because they don’t have to wear a seatbelt, we should mandate they must wear one as well.

    1. The Man Who Shot Liberty's Values says:

      Bikers without helmets should pay a consequence. Michigan healthcare benefits should cost the biker more for that liberty.

      One fact is a biker is safer with a helmet than without one. Also motor bike fatalities are too severe for anyone with or without a helmet to survive. Hence riding bikes in general is dangerous on Michigan highways

  4. Ellen Stern says:

    Why pass such a law? Aren’t the hospitals full enough? Isn’t the blood supply low enough. I don’t understand why a bike rider would not want to wear a helmet.

    1. Ray says:

      Because it’s OUR choice.

  5. Ellen Stern says:

    Why would a bike rider want to not wear a helmet? Aren’t the hospitals full enough? Isn’t the blood supply too low already?

  6. Theresa says:

    Simply put – Helmets save lives!

  7. LJ says:

    I agree, if you ride w/o a helmet then pay a higher premium for catastrophic accident ins. Why should the rest of us be on the hook.

  8. Jill Elizabeth says:

    I just thank God that this is so much more important than educating our children, feeding the homeless and giving them shelter and improving Michigan’s economy. Thanks GOP controlled legislature! You sure are earning the big bucks we pay you!

    1. Ray says:

      You can’t improve Michigan’s economy, it’s dead already. Last person to leave needs to turn off the lights.

  9. Bob says:

    We as a people can decide to get into a 2,000lb vehicle, drive in excess of 70mph, with the potential to kill not only ourselves, but everyone in our vehicle and whatever/whoever we hit, yet we cannot DECIDE whether to wear a seatbelt. This is the same argument bikers have organized to overcome an invasive government. Almost every biker that i have had this discussion with, including my own opinion is that even without a helmet law they would still opt to wear one. it is the PRINCIPLE of our rights to decide, our FREEDOM to have this option. Those that don’t get what this debate/argument is about need to get bent.

    As far as response to the posts i am reading, we pay for television, we pay to talk to one another, pay to ‘text’ and to get on the internet, we pay 3.00 at an atm to receive our own money, until they abolish free radio a lot of people pay to listen to their radio in their car, and we are required by law to pay for insurance if we own a vehicle…pay pay pay pay…let’s just set a price on each of our rights and liberties, tick them off on our constitution and bill of rights and set a price and we’ll call it a liberty/freedom tax for society. we’ll take away all and any restrictions on Lobbyists so that greed can rule our country and common sense is laid to waste at the door. anyone that thinks paying more for something that they think is not a good idea shows a lack of individualism and separation from corporate america that has gotten us into the financial mess we are currently in. money does NOT equal the right, or freedom to do whatever we want. so, again, get bent.

    1. Rob says:

      Well said…

  10. Kevin says:

    I’m in agreement with Bob, you should have the option. But I do believe down the road insurance rates and lawsuits will cost the State for making this decision.

  11. snict says:

    Flasp Engip

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