SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) – Remember Mary Janes? Eat one and you’re picking it out of your teeth for days. In Metro Detroit, “fun size” candy bars seem to be the thing to give and get. Better Made potato chips always seem to turn up, too.

People have been known to pass out apples, raisins, pennies and even the dreaded toothbrush.

Candy corn seems to be particularly polarizing … but the point is, you never really know what the kids will come home with.

In you opinion, what’s the WORST Halloween treat? Comment below.

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  1. Francis N. Stein says:

    When I was a kid the worst treat was the peanut butter taffy wrapped in either black or orange paper. They were made prematurely old and hard.

    As an adult the worst Halloween treat was working in Ohio to pay my Michigan mortgage and taxes. Michigan industry didn’t treat American engineers kindly and played tricks with employment

  2. Jeff Fites says:

    The slices of fruit cake were among the worst. I suspect they were from the previous Christmas or perhaps even earlier Christmases. I tried to eat a piece the first year I received one and I chipped a tooth. Every year we were made to go to the door of this elderly neighbor, who obviously didn’t like fruitcake either. She was sweet in her own way. It apparently meant a lot to her have the neighbor children visit or perhaps to be able to get rid of ancient fruit cake.

  3. Kacey says:

    As a parent, I now dread all of the sugar — no matter what form it takes. LOVE those kind souls who pass out little bags of Goldfish and Cheez-Its, or granola bars and the like! And, they’re great for packing in school lunches too…

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