Southfield (WWJ)- Just days after accepting the resignation of his deputy Executive, Wayne County Executive Bob Ficano Monday night announced he has fired another aide. 

A statement issued by Ficano’s office said “effective immediately Mr. Michael Grundy has been terminated.”  Grundy, who was working with the Health Choice Program and ran the Wayne County Patient Care Management System, was placed on administrative leave last month after reports surfaced that the FBI was investigating Grundy and his dealings with Pro Health Care Plan.  Federal agents talked with the health contractor’s owner at the time. 

Monday’s announcement by Ficano also said “Mr. Grundy has not been cooperative with our internal investigation and has thus far refused to turn in county property.”

Also placed on unpaid leave was accountant Sharon Mattic, who is also employed by the county and does work with Health Choice.  Mattic’s leave will continue as the county conducts and internal review of operations. 

“If any of my employees has done anything wrong, they need to face justice,” Ficano said in the statement. “I will not tolerate anyone being deceitful.” 

The internal review started after a severance scandal involving Turkia Mullin started.  She accepted a 200-thousand dollar severance payment after leaving the county to work as CEO of Metro Airport.  Deputy Executive Azzam Elder resigned last week, although Ficano has not given a reason why. 

Comments (4)
  1. An Abused Michigan Taxpayer says:

    Who is this Ficano guy? His team is full of crooks. Maybe he’s the reincarnation of Al Capone. Is Wayne County run by the Mafia?

    And this guy was a sheriff?

    Can’t Michigan get smarter people to run things?

  2. Jim says:

    Withhold your Wayne County tax payments and have your municipality start an escrow account and transfer funds when the criminals are out of office. Young, McNamara, Kilpatrick, now Ficano to name a few. Ring any bells folks? I’m just sayin!

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