DETROIT (WWJ) – The Detroit Lions organization says like it or not, Nickelback will be the halftime entertainment at the Thanksgiving Day game versus Green Bay at Ford Field.

The selection of the Canadian rockers, which was unconfirmed until Thursday, made thousands of Lions fans furious, saying the halftime show should have a Detroit flavor. An anti-Nickelback petition drive online netted over 50,000 supporters.

Nickelback, which is from Hanna, Alberta, isn’t taking it personally, and said they are “honored to perform” at the game. Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger said the band members “always love playing in Detroit.”

Nickelback has a new album “Here and Now” dropping on Nov. 21, which many speculate is the reason they were chosen to perform.

The Lions organization also announced the National Anthem will be sung by “American Idol” season 10 runner-up Lauren Alaina.

Comments (63)
  1. bald_bruce says:

    Everyone in the stadium should bring a newspaper and “read” it during the halftime show….

    1. T.Wilson says:

      You mean look at the pictures. They can’t read.

      1. NotDeadYet says:

        Not to mention the fact that they would just pay for one paper, and steal all the rest in the vending machine. Then use the ads to decide which business to loot this week.

  2. snappy says:

    I’m hoping for loud mass booing and visible Nickleback suck signs all over the tvs and American Idol suck signs too.

  3. billy_bob says:

    C’mon now….you don’t want to hear “This Is How…You Remind Me” during the halftime show? Who cares if it’s been played on the radio thousands of times.

    1. JoeShmo1979 says:

      Lets go with “Animals” ftw!


    2. NotDeadYet says:

      Because Seger, Eminem, The Supremes, et al haven’t gotten any airtime? Yeah, we haven’t heard any of their songs thousands of times. Pathetic place, full of pathetic people.

    3. Kyle Anaulburn says:

      Wow your gay

  4. Rich Bewick says:

    Detroit fans should leave their seats when they play

    1. Tim Hurley says:

      Naw…we should greet these beeotches Motor City Style and boo them off the stage.

    2. Max says:

      If you’re talking about the Lions I whole Heartedly agree! I’d leave my seat when they play too…

  5. Raistlin4468 says:

    They’re Canadian so they won’t be insulted when EVERYONE in the stadium gets up and goes for a beer at halftime!

    1. Lionstrueblue says:

      What does being Canadian have to do with it? Maybe instead of getting 50,000 people to sign a petition about a band you should focus some energy on the unemployment rate or homeless issue in Detroit. Nickleback is the least of Detroits problems…pathetic

      1. Brad says:

        … Really? It’s the USA. It’s Thanksgiving. Being canadian has everything to do with it.

      2. Tim Hurley says:

        You are obviously a musical moron and do not get it

      3. GODUCKS says:

        Yeahhhhhh, because signing a digital petition you heard about on Facebook, and making your thoughts known with button click, is SUCH a waste of time that you could be spending on such NON-COMPLEX things like the Unemployment Rate and Homelessness issues. And that petition couldn’t possibly have been signed by a great number of people who have no control over those issues, HEAVENS NO.

        (Feeling the sarcasm yet, pal?)

      4. NickelbackIsAwful says:

        it doesnt have anything to do with them being canadian, and everything to do with them being an awful band. They are the butt end of jokes, and I don’t know a single person other than my 50 year old neighbor who enjoys their music. They have had rocks thrown at them in Portugal (clearly Euros can identify bad music too), and have been booed off stage more than most. How they keep getting support is a mystery to me, and it definitely isn’t coming from the Detroit area, which is where I live.

  6. Duhtroit says:

    People in Detroit are hateful jerks. No wonder your city is circling the bowl. “We want everyone to know we hate you”. Disgusting. Well, you’re right where you belong. In a landfill masquerading as a ghost town.

    1. JoeShmo1979 says:

      lol’ed at the the landill comment

    2. zaire67 says:

      You might want to know; even though the stadium is in downtown, most Detroit fans do not actually live in Detroit.

      1. Frank says:

        All 12 of them huddled up in a duplex in Mt Pleasant, did they?

      2. Duhtroit says:

        Then that would make it even more stupid that they signed a petition against a band to demand “Detroit” entertainment, wouldn’t it?

      3. NotDeadYet says:

        A duplex without plumbing, because they hocked all the copper pipe.

  7. Ron says:

    If they really want the game to have a Detroit flavor they should give away half the tickets to unemployed folks. There are a lot bigger problems in motocity than who plays a couple of songs at the half.

  8. Durazac says:

    Can’t we just give Detroit to Canada?

    1. Blind Druid says:

      No thanks. We’ve already got Toronto – Yeeuck!

    2. Max says:

      No, You can keep it thanks. But you can have Windsor although it’s not as bad as Detroit, more like Flint… Bwahahahahah!

  9. chelydra says:

    All of the butt-hurt on the Internet was powerless to change a measly halftime show.

  10. John Clark says:

    How about a White Stripes reunion? Now THAT would be awesome!

    1. Cyborg 0012 says:

      That would be cool.

    2. Lionstrueblue says:

      No doubt!!!!!!

  11. Fecal McStool says:

    I like to talk about stool.

    1. NotDeadYet says:

      Appropriate that you’re on a thread about Detroit then.

  12. E from Green Bay says:

    Maybe they can do some cover songs from Seger, Eminem, Nugent and MoTown. Now that would be entertaining….

  13. SeriouslyDood says:

    Detroiters complaining about Canuks ~ now there’s the pot calling the kettle black (no pun intended…well, sort of). It’s pretty clear that “…with a Detroit Flava” translates into english as “…rife with african jungle beats, simplistic nonsensical rhymes and much monkey wailing.”

    1. Brian says:

      Shouldn’t you be busy throwing fruit at black hockey players? The True North, strong and racist.

  14. notsofresh says:

    Instead of fretting over where the band is from, why don’t you clean up your city instead? It’s nasty.

    1. Bud says:

      Nobody cares that they are from Canada. People hate nickelback because their ‘music’ sucks rocks.

      Detroit has an INCREDIBLE local music scene. Someone from Detroit should play and promote the city of Detroit and help their local economy.

      The petition was not that serious, just wanted to point out that this was a BAD decision, to have nickelback play. And point out that clueless corporate blowhards make these decisions (which is why nickelback plays at a LOT of sports events.)

      Stop rippin on Detroit!

      1. NickelbackIsAwful says:

        ^^ Detroiters usually love Canadians. They made hockey…. and we consider ourselves Hockeytown. I crossed the border to buy my liquor back in the day as a 19 year old, god bless those friendly Canadians. We just don’t want Nickelback ruining our good, or at least currently improving, name.

  15. brad says:


    expect a ” wardrobe malfunction ” , that’s the only entertainment here

  16. Jimmy Loose says:

    In 1964 a band from England appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. We should have all turned off our TVs. How dare they showcase talant from outside the USA.

    1. Brian says:

      I’m not sure what’s more appalling; the fact that you just made a Beatles comparison to Nickelback? Or the fact that you referred to Nickelback as talent?

      Hint: We dont hate Nickelback because they’re Canadian. We hate them because they flat out suck, and play derivative, uninspired, soulless, corporatized “music.”

    2. Tim says:

      The difference is Nickelback has played in America before, and no one liked it.

  17. Bud says:

    Your racism makes me sick

  18. Melanie says:

    It is football people – get over it

    1. Tim Hurley says:

      No Melanie…it’s about the jams. Obviously your not from the “D”

  19. Caiha says:

    o.O Where a band is from is so irrelevent in the modern world. This is pure Jingoism.

  20. Lacey says:

    I dont know what the issue is. If you dont want to watch them, leave. I’ve personally seen Nickelback twice and they put on a great show. You dont like it, shutup. Its what… 30 minutes of your life? Quit whining and get over it. I’d personally take your ticket if you wanna bi**h about it and see them for a 3rd time. They’re gonna be there, they dont care if you like it.

  21. Mari says:

    You want to talk about sucks? Look at the Detroit Lions winning (oops) lack of winning record! It would appear they suck! Am I tuning in to watch the Packers beat the Lions, nope! Will I be tuning into the Fox halftime performance? YES, I WILL! So what if 51,000+ signed a petition? Not everyone hates Nickelback, they have close to 12 million followers on FB and have sold 50 million albums world wide. Nickelback is here to stay, get over it and go find something else you have the time to hate!

  22. Ben says:

    How I long for the days when new albums were released, not “dropped”.

  23. SNA says:

    Sure glad I don’t live in Detroit if this is the kind of issue they make a fuss about. I bet most of the people who signed the petition and don’t like this band won’t even be going to the game anyway. Nickelback is a very good band with millions of fans. All of the other groups mentioned in these posts are good as well – but most are super OLD. Come on – give it up. Live in the past if you want but you can’t expect everyone else to as well.

  24. Cierra Riley says:

    Who cares where they are from, I bet every one who signed that petition loves at least one Nickelback song. We should be honored that they are willing to come sing for us

    1. dave says:

      Oh yeah, I’m a closet nickelbash lover, lemme tell you my favorite song is um, uhh, that one with all the awful singing, or is it the one with the simplistic bass line, no its the one with the degrading lyrics! yeah that one!

      honest to god, i’d rather listen to milli vanilli

  25. tammy says:

    opinions are like a**holes everyone has one and i for one have given all my detroit lions items to the goodwill store why because i have the right personally i love nickelback and will continue to support them so thank you detroit now all the money i saved from buying lions jerseys can be spent on nickelback merchandise now my christmas shopping can be done all in one spot the nickelback web store so thanks a loyal nickelback supporter