DETROIT (WWJ) – Furlough days have been eliminated for all DDOT bus mechanics in an emergency effort to put an end to the city’s bus crisis.

It’s part of a plan unveiled Monday morning by Detroit Mayor Dave Bing’s Chief Operating Officer Chris Brown to get more buses on city streets within the next 90 days.

Union leader Lehman Wilson said gross mismanagement is part of the problem.

“Outsourcing of work, I hate to see that. That’s not always a good thing. But, at this point, I think whatever it takes to correct the way DOT has been mismanaged need to be done,” said Wilson.

“It’s my feeling that … if you’re going to outsource it needs to start from the very top down. The whole management team needs to be replaced,” he said.

Brown agrees.

“[We’ll be] bringing in an outsourced maintenance management firm to help us really understand and get our hands around the best maintenance practice,” said Brown.

“We sat down with Lehman and his guys recently to try to work that to get the buses back on the street, indicating where we’re having parts issues. You know, brake liners, fluids, things that we’ve perhaps not been so acutely aware of,” he said.

Brown will be seeking Detroit City Council approval for a contract of up to $100,000 to cover the costs.

The City will also approve limited overtime for mechanics as part of the effort.

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  1. Michele says:

    Why can’t they lease some buses from Smart or another company which aren’t broke instead of waiting on parts and still having limited maintenance manpower. They lease their whole city fleet of squad cars.

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