One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to peruse the MLB trade and free agency rumors out there.  And one report that I actually hope is true comes from Fox Sports, Jon Paul Morosi who claims that the Atlanta Braves’ Martin Prado can be had in a trade for the right price.

Prado has played in the league for 6 seasons and is a career .293 hitter entering the prime of his career at age 28.  Prado started at 2nd base for the National League at the All Star game in 2010 before seeing a decline in his offensive production this season; some speculate caused from having to learn a new position and dealing with injuries.

The Venezuela native played 2nd and 3rd base the majority of his career before being forced to move to left field in 2011 and batting just .260.  Prado also has the ability to lead off, something that the Tigers are definitely interested in.   Sound good?  Do you like bringing Prado here better than Chone Figgins?

If the Tigers were able to grab Prado from the Braves, they would have to pay him arbitration the next couple of seasons or they could figure out a longer term deal with him.  Prado made just over 3 million dollars in 2011.

So are you sold yet?  This is a guy that can lead off, play 2nd or 3rd base, both of which are positions of need and he has a decent amount of speed however he doesn’t steal a ton of bases.  Sounds better than anything Detroit has right now, plus he is cheap!

If you like the idea, keep reading for what it might cost Detroit to get Prado, if you hate the idea then be on the watch for my next hot stove rumor that more than likely will also not come true…

Ahh, so glad you like this thought, but will you still like it when I tell you who Detroit might have to give up?  That player is Delmon Young, you know the same Delmon Young who hit .274 with 8 home runs and 32 RBI’s in 40 regular season games with the Tigers.  Now, Detroit has not decided on what to do with the 26-year-old Young, but one would think that they would offer him a contract and he would be playing for the Tigers in 2012.  However it is no secret that Young’s inability to play a solid left field in a very spacious Comerica Park could be a reason why the Tigers would gladly say goodbye to the former Ray and Twin.

I would trade Young for Prado in a heartbeat even though Young really helped Detroit offensively this season, but would you?

By the way, just for the record, I still think bringing Figgins to Detroit is still a great idea, just wanted to get you all to disagree with me one more time!


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