The Baltimore Orioles are making a move to try and change their losing ways. Trades? Moving some phenom up from the Minors?…Nah! They’re going back to the cartoon bird that appeared on their caps during their greatest period. The 1970’s through most of the ’80s.

The same one worn by Jim Palmer, Eddie Murray, Mark Belanger and Cal Ripken to name a few. The new/old look will be part of the uniform for the first time since 1988. As a kid, other than the Old English D, the Orioles uniform was my favorite. I thought the white uniform with black and orange was cool looking. Not to mention, a team with a 1st baseman named Boog always made me laugh. Will the new look help the hapless Orioles? Probably not but what the heck.

In Detroit, the Lions, Tigers and Red Wings have kept their home uniforms relatively unchanged over the last 80 years or so. The Tiger’s road uniform has changed a few times over the years and the Pistons (remember them?) have been through many uniform changes since the late fifties.

Anyone remember Teal and Magenta?

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  2. meburch34 says:

    I much prefer the cartoon Oriole and I agree with you on those white unis. The orange logo really pops out on them and it’s one of my favorite uniforms in sports.

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