LANSING (WWJ) – Could Governor Snyder pursue the Detroit-to-Windsor bridge project without the support of the state legislature? The Speaker of the State House tells WWJ’s Tim Skubick that he thinks so.

Speaking during a taping of Public TV’s “Off the Record” program with Tim Skubick, Republican Representative Jase Bolger of Marshall says he doesn’t expect that Governor Snyder will give up on his hopes to build a second bridge.

“The attitude in Lansing right now is how do we resolve problems, and are always more than one way to get there – at this point I don’t expect the Governor to give up. What would be interesting is the governor can not, can not obligate Michigan taxpayers, the legislature has to do that budgeting, so I look forward to a proposal if that’s what he is going to do,” Bolger said.

Legislation for a new International Trade Crossing was voted down in a Senate committee last month … leading to speculation that the Governor may try to revive the plan on his own.

“I regularly remind the Governor what role the legislature has – what authority the legislature has and so therefore I  respect as the Governor steps forward and says I have certain authorities,” said Bolger.

In October Republican Gov. Rick Snyder said the new bridge would be “critically important” to expanding international trade between the U.S. and Canada.


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