DETROIT (WWJ) – A protest is planned in Detroit Monday — as the state hears from people who are in danger of losing their cash assistance welfare benefits.

Hearings are scheduled on Monday and Tuesday at Department of Human Services offices across the state. Nearly a thousand families who believe their benefits should NOT be discontinued have filed appeals — and DHS is using the so-called “rocket docket” system to consider the cases. You show up, you have your say before an administrative law judge — and walk out with an answer .. even if its not the answer you’re hoping for.

Critics say the state is acting way too fast — given that Michigan still has one of the nation’s highest jobless rates. They’ll protest Monday morning at 8 — outside the DHS office on Lappin Street in Detroit.

Comments (2)
  1. Steal Jobs says:

    Then get a job……..ooooppppsss, none of those around since the top 0.1% that comprise America’s very wealthy have off shored the job or in shored the labor.

    Welcome to American Idle

  2. Makesensemuch says:

    Some people need assistance. I understand that but why should someone get assistance for 10, 15, or 20 years? I would think that is plenty of time to retrain for a new career or find a job. I guess if you can get the free handout though why bother trying to improve your situation. Of course having 10 kids when you can’t even handle 2 is always a good answer.

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