MINNESOTA (WWJ) – The Wayne State University Football team is advancing to the Division II semi-finals after knocking off defending champions Minnesota Dulluth 31-25 Saturday in Minnesota.

Matt Cunningham is Director of Athletic Development for Wayne State University – he was at Starters Bar and Grill watching the game … along with about 100 other Warriors fans.

“We put together a little presentation on the TVs running from our laptops just to get the game up – everybody appreciated that because otherwise you’d be at home watching it on a computer, so it was just good to get everybody together and watching the game on the big screen, and just to be amongst other people that are invested in the program,” said Cunningham.

Cunningham says they had alumni, parents, faculty present for the game to experience the special run – saying everyone was so proud of what the guys were doing on the field today.

“As soon as the final play went off everybody was already standing up … they kept their arms in the air and yelled, started hugging, and high-fiving … it was really just a special moment,” said Cunningham.

It’s the farthest the Wayne State Football has ever advanced in the playoffs … and it’s the team’s first play-off run in almost a century.

The Warriors go on to face the Winston-Salem State Rams next weekend in North Carolina that game will be broadcast on ESPN.

Comments (3)
  1. Arm Chair QB says:

    I can’t remember when Michigan’s top three ujniversities were all doing well in the same football season.

    I still say MSU should have won the game over Wisconsin. They lost by a penalty, not good athletic performance.

  2. bobby says:

    Maybe they can beat umich next year.

  3. Alex Migda says:

    Maybe they can beat umich next year.