DETROIT (WWJ) – The state of Michigan is set to begin its month-long review of Detroit’s finances, in what could be the first step toward an emergency manager for the city.

WWJ’s City Beat Reporter Vickie Thomas reports that on Tuesday two representatives from the state treasurer’s office will be at City Hall in Detroit to begin the preliminary review of the city’s finances that could lead to the appointment of an emergency manager.

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CPA Ramona Pearson is the former emergency financial manager of Highland Park. She believes that, ultimately, the state will step in and appoint an emergency manager in Detroit.

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“The city of Detroit is the biggest city in the state. Does cause for problems everywhere. I mean, where Detroit goes, the whole state goes, and that’s just a fact,” Pearson said.

“This is very emotional and is very serious and to some extent is dangerous. In Highland Park, I must admit, I mean, I felt threatened, so much so to a point where we had to have the state police involved, just in terms of security,” Pearson added.

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