DETROIT (WWJ) – It was a busy scene on Detroit’s east side Monday morning, where firefighters battled several suspected arson fires at empty apartment buildings.

WWJ City Beat Reporter Vickie Thomas, reporting from the scene very early Monday morning, said crews were pulling out all the stops and all the hoses, too, battling about a half-dozen fires.

“I’ve been in six tonight, and this one little area we’re at now on Frontenac — there were like four all at the same time,” Chief Michael Gallow said.

(WWJ Photo/Vickie Thomas)

“How do you battle four fires at once?” Thomas asked.

“They send crews; you know they send full boxes to each one; kind of ran their resources a little short, but they ended up getting ’em knocked down,” Gallow said. “Every fire in this little area here was all abandoned. I’m like 99 percent sure they’re arson fires.”

At a time when Detroit is due to run out of cash in a matter of months, Gallow said it’s unfortunate to have this type of wasted resources.

“Definitely. Fuel … equipment, breakdowns. It’s hard on everybody,” said Gallow.”At least there’s no winde tonight and think all these guys are pretty much used to it. You know, this is just part of fighting fire in the winter in Detroit.”

The fires were for the most part extinguished by around 7 a.m., but investigators remained on the scene late into the morning.

  1. Sam the Man says:

    The Eastside looks like Berlin, Germany after World War ll. I just don’t understand why people would destroy their own neigborhood.

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