LIVONIA (WWJ) – If state legislators approve a no-fault auto insurance reform bill, opponents say it’ll spell the end of full lifetime care for those injured in serious accidents and voters won’t have a say on the matter.

State Senator Glenn Anderson, a democrat from Livonia, spoke at a town hall meeting on the issue, saying if approved, it’ll end up costing every taxpayer in the state.

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Anderson expects no-fault auto reform will come up for a vote this week .

Proponents have said the measure could lead to lower auto insurance premiums for those looking for inexpensive insurance.

No Fault Reform Town Hall Meeting.

“Whoever your state senator and state representative are , I would urge you if you don’t know where they’re at on the issue, I’d urge you to get in contact with them ASAP and let them know what you’re thinking, what your concerns are,” said Anderson.

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Counsel for the Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault, George Sinas, says you won’t be as protected as you are now .

“What does this bill do? Number one, it eliminates full, life time benefits – no more – not for anybody, you will not be able to buy it,” said Sinas.

Supporters of the bill say it could lead to lower insurance premiums, something Sinas says won’t happen.

“They’ve also chosen, not you, they’ve chosen, that if you’re a worker and you’re driving your employer’s vehicle , because under the system, if you’re in an accident you have to draw from your employer’s coverage….you’re stuck with what choice your employer made,” said Sinas.

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