DETROIT (WWJ) – A group representing Michigan retailers says a survey has found a significant increase in credit card sales among its members so far.

Tom Scott of the Michigan Retailers Association said the survey found sales between Black Friday and last Sunday rose ten percent from last year. He said its a sign that they’re on track for a good holiday season.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean that sales absolutely matched that, because one year or another you might have people using cash or checks rather than credit cards, but it’s just one more indicator that sales are probably doing better this holiday season than last year,” he said.

Scott said those retailers still expect to see a lot of last-minute foot traffic before Christmas, which is just over one week away.

“Our advice to shoppers would be the same at any time of the year. Just stay relaxed, try and be organized, know what you’re doing and try to enjoy it, don’t make it a life or death situation,” he said.

Most of those last-minute shoppers will be men, according to Scott.


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