TAYLOR (WWJ) – Hundreds of shoppers who lined up before dawn to buy one of the season’s most wanted new shoes became unruly and began forcing their way inside Taylor’s Southland Mall on Friday.

A crowd of about 100 people planning to put a pair of limited edition Nike basketball shoes under a gift tree, or on their own feet, forced open a pair of doors almost three hours before the 8 a.m. opening and stormed inside. Another 200 people were gathered outside.

Southland Security called for Taylor police, who then summoned assistance from Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Southgate and Brownstown Township to restore order. Once inside, police say there was some minor interior damage to decorations and benches that were toppled over during the scuffle.

A 21-year-old Detroit man was arrested for inciting a riot. Nobody was hurt.

This isn’t the first time that Nike has done a special limited release of a popular style of sneakers. But at the Finish Line store at Southland Mall, manager Deron Mason told WWJ’s Pat Sweeting he had hundreds of customers rushing in to buy the store’s 40 pairs of Nike Air Jordan Retro XI — which cost upwards of $180.

“That shoe, you know what, it was popular then back when Jordan dropped it in ’95. It was a shoe that was popular then after he came back from retirement and it came back out five years later and it sold out again. So, it’s been 10 years since it dropped and everybody wants that shoe like it’s a culture that everybody has got to have it,” said Mason.

The shoe sold out within 20 minutes at the store and Mason said he was offered everything from several hundred dollars to the title of someone’s car just to reserve a pair for them.

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  1. LaMercedeslexus-isha says:

    Avoid the knee grows. They are a black plague upon any civilized society. Best to avoid any contact with them. Unfortunately, many of them are the only ones who have any money due to the free rent and EBT they receive. We are all broke. They seem to be riding pretty high right now. It won’t last though. It’s funny how they ALWAYS live up to the stereotypes and they always will. Humans will eventually get wise and take action. Eventually.

  2. Fatty Mcbutters says:

    so much christmas cheer on this blog, it warms my heart,think ill put it all on a xmas card for next year.

  3. Mark of the wild West says:

    Must be a KWANZA thing!!!

  4. McGruff says:

    The concepts of civility and law & order are simply too much for some people.

  5. cleo48 says:

    I so bad; I so coo; you smell my feet right thu dat shoe.

  6. Tyraquisha says:

    Days all be Gypshun and sheeit. Plus day bees invent’n da light bulb.

  7. Chad E says:

    In 2005 I lost my Job.. Instead of turning into a leech I decided to do something about it. I started my venture as a sole proprietor about 2 weeks after the job loss. During the first 3 years I made just enough to eat, provide a roof over my head and drive around in vehicles that barely stayed together. The first year or two I sold off the little I had when money was depleted. Now 6 years later the HARD WORK has paid its dividends. During the entire time everything I had and got was paid for 100% on my dime. I never took out a loan, received unemployment, stamps, health care etc.. I am now 100% out of debt thanks to my decision of deciding to “WORK FOR A LIVING” and earn it. Almost everyone else wants everything for nothing it seems. I am able to take care of myself complety 100% on my dime.. including medical and dental.. a couple more years, I will be able to do it for a family.. The price I paid: 6 years of my life of hard work and earning it.
    Monetary Value: Priceless

  8. Ron says:

    The Obama voters is running wild!

    Why do Democrats always play the race card when confronted with obvious facts?

  9. john Hernik says:

    They were FUGLY shoes when they dropped in 95 and their still FUGLY now. LOL
    ugly shoes for fat ass ugly people LOL.

  10. sailordude says:

    Reading this made me think of the Cheech and Chong song Basketball Jones.
    I’m NOT on the same wavelength as black Americans, to bust into a store 3 hours before opening time for some shoes, I mean you have GOT to have a Basketball Jones to do that! Heres the cartoon of it on youtube

  11. jake says:

    air jordans are ugly. not sure how they sell.

  12. Bombastic says:

    So, it’s been 10 years since it dropped and everybody wants that shoe like it’s a culture that everybody has got to have it,” said Mason.

    Which totally explains Black, monolithic voting patterns as well. It’s a culture where Group-think rules a great many actions..

    1. sailordude says:

      I agree with you. It must go back to the slave culture. Why havn’t people researched this theory? It seems very credible to me.

  13. RaceWarReady says:

    Nothing but black trash… disgusting. I am surprised they arent flinging poo.

  14. John Yaya says:

    The same ones who are battling for these shoes will be first in line for a free handout at the local church, first in line for free heating assistance, first in line for a Bridge Card and so forth. Where do they get this kind of money for these shoes anyway?

    1. sailordude says:

      They are only $100 to $200 dollars. Thats not very much money.

  15. crypticguise says:

    Blacks have turned into what bigots have been calling them, savages. Why don’t poor whites riot for “sneakers”?

    Detroit and all inner-city communities with an overwhelmng majority of blacks have turned into cesspools of fatherless savages.

    When will this stop?

  16. Willy Brown says:

    Ghetto rats what would you expect? “Hope and Change”…..

  17. matt says:

    I dare say the new Star Wars game that just came out a few days ago had just as many fanatics waiting for the release so they could go out and get it for Christmas and for the life of me I don’t remember reading about any of this idiotic behavior. I don’t even pity the bleeding heart, PC milquetoasts who come on here and cry racism when the true issue is the absolute meltdown of morals and decent human behavior amongst a certain sector of the black population in this country. I wonder how enlightened these people will feel when their home gets invaded, car broken into/jacked or randomly assaulted in the street just for being white? Remember those platitudes when you get your skull clubbed from behind, always from behind. Too bad there isn’t a stupid plague in this country we sure could use a thinning of the herd.

  18. gladeye says:

    We need to hate and ridicule or way through these kinds of things.

  19. cleo48 says:

    when the world is brown
    and the white man’s gone
    Who’ll feed your kids
    and carry on?
    The Chinese of course
    So go out and play
    they’ll make you shoes
    but you have to pay.

  20. Bill says:

    Why is it always africans? Also they are believed to be o’sama o’bama supporters. Dis be our culture.

  21. Seenit says:

    Anybody ever watch teen mom?

  22. Dy Moocherz says:

    Execute all felons will save trillions, saves society.

    Locking up felons or letting them go is not the answer. Death is the answer.

    When the bad half of the American population is gone, maybe then, we can start living like brothers and sisters.

    Execute all felons.

  23. Chip says:

    This is the result of the basketball culture created and orchestrated by the you know who. It’s the only fake hero’s the blacks have. God knows they’ve contributed NOTHING to humanity whatsoever since they aren’t even humans. Just be glad it’s the malls being attacked. Guess who owns the malls. No loss.

    I hope all you white folks have a wonderful black-free Christmas and a happy black-free year. And don’t spend any money at the mall!! LOL.

  24. Mmmoocherz says:

    Execute all felons and make Soylent Green out of them
    to feed the unwilling to work welfare moochers at the FEMA camps.

  25. Chuck Spears says:

    Why are Obama supporters always acting like wild animals?

  26. DS says:

    The racist overtones (not even undertones) are unconcionable. These are all of society’s problems, and they can be fixed by good leaders, common sense, and outcome-based programs.

    The worse crimes here are the very un-Christian opinions expressed by all these commenters. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    And before you call me a liberal or any other epithets – I’m likely going to be a Romney voter, I make $200K/year ($350K/household), and I’m damn glad to pay my taxes.

  27. R says:

    Considering the racial remarks of these comments, In every society there seems to be a caste system., In India the Hindus may look similar, but they are divided into untouchables, merchants, soldiers, and priests. In China the Han majority rules over many smaller ethnic groups. In England one can tell another’s social position by the manners and speech of each individual. Black culture in Africa currently has a hero-worship of criminal strongmen and a prejudice against women, with slavery still in existence. Islam has its warring factions of Sunni and Shiites. Russians are still squeezing the slavery of serfdom out of their culture. Federal Diversity has forced the population into individual entitled groups. From equal opportunity, to affirmative action, to currently SDG’s (Socially Disadvantaged Groups), Federal Government has bent over backwards to try to please everyone, and in the process has pleased no one in the long run, and has incurred a $15 trillion debt. All should treat people as individuals, not as equals, but with equal rights in a society, without preferences.

  28. mikeymike61 says:

    When the USA finally has its honest discussion about race,
    it will not be a very pleasant discussion.

  29. Wonja Blohwme says:

    race relations at an all timelow thanks to obama and holder

  30. cm says:

    my only pair of tennis shoes is 7 years old.
    yes, i still wear them.
    i bought them with money i EARNED, not money from the gubbamint.
    working teaches you the value of a dollar, & the value of things you purchase.

  31. jon says:

    Evidence of a failed culture that values a pair of shoes over human life and dignity

  32. El gato says:

    From the photo I can see that it’s the negro women at it again! I thought the negroes of Detroit were poor. How can they be buying these overpriced tennis shoes? Are they nuts?

  33. no says:

    All of this idiocy over AIR JORDANS? ***AIR JORDANS***???? What is this, 1989??!?!?

  34. anthony says:

    Jerry Springer show, dang… popcorn anyone?

  35. rob says:

    I wonder how many of these shoes were bought with welfare money–Sad state of the nation

  36. Fred P. says:

    Let me ask a question….

    Who do you think the majority of these looters and purveyors are? Liberals or conservatives?

    I rest my case. Lock ’emup!

  37. WHAT A RIPOFF says:


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