PONTIAC (WWJ) – Are you trying to avoid getting sick with either a cold or the flu? One of your best methods of defense is actually something that you should be doing everyday anyway.

Kathy Forzley with the Oakland County Health Department said the best way to keep the germs away is by washing your hands or using hand sanitizer.

“We always say that hand washing is the best thing you can do, that friction scrub with soap under running water is the very best thing you can do. When you can’t, when you don’t have access to a sink, then we recommend having sanitizer with you that you can use between hand washing,” said Forzley.

Forzley added the flu season doesn’t start until mid to late February, so if you haven’t had your flu shot — there is still time.

“In terms of flu, we would highly recommend getting the seasonal flu shot,” she said.

Anyone who can’t afford a flu shot can go to their local health department for assistance. Forzley said there are several programs that can help out families, including some low-cost shot clinics.

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  1. A Michigan Jabone says:

    Here’s a better defense to the flu. I haven’t had the flu in over 34 years. And I don’t wash my hands that much. However my immune system is very strong. The secret is great health and fitness. I perform heavy weightlifting for strength, not muscle size, about 3 or 4 times a week. Do this religiously for 34 years and be surprised by the lack of doctor bills.

    Get strong, move fast, live long

  2. Avi Shenkar says:

    I keep sanitizer on call and wash my hands often. My phone which sits on my desk all day is covered by a bacterminator.com antibacterial cover so that’s not picking up any germs either. I’m good there, now just need to make sure I don’t kiss the wrong girls.

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