DETROIT (CBS) – Should marijuana be legalized in Michigan?

Local attorney Matt Abel says anyone over the age of 21 should be able to smoke it, even though federal law makes it illegal.

Abel is leading the charge to get it on the ballot before voters.He talked to Talk Radio 1270 morning show host Charlie Langton about it.

“Michigan was the first state to end alcohol Prohibition and Michigan needs to take the lead in ending marijuana prohibition,” Abel said.

Abel said there should be no limit on how much marijuana a person would like to keep in their house if it were legalized.  He needs 322,000 signatures by July 9th to get it on the ballot.

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  1. griffen says:

    solutions without consequence. Let me tell you this. I own a company….I will not stop DT’ing. you smoke reefer….and have to make engineering calculation…you’ll get someone killed…. Tell me this lawyer Daget. Will the FRA allow train engineers smoke the Reefer

    1. TREVELYAN says:

      Tell me this Griffen, who said anything about people being allowed to smoke cannabis while working. There aren’t people out there saying they should be allowed to drink at work. If people need to consume it for medicinal reasons they could take a pill or tincture but I don’t here people advocating being stoned on the job. Why is that so hard to understand?

  2. Nicole Hernandez says:

    If people were actually educated they would know that cannabis has always been used as a medicine…. legalizing it would not change that aspect. The fact of the matter is…. PEOPLE NEED TO BE EDUCATED. The only reason cannabis is marijuana and is now prohibited is for a couple of reasons..
    1) Because of chemical companies… i.e DuPont, In the 1930’s, a new machine was invented that made it much cheaper to use the pulp from the cannabis hemp plant. This threatened the profits of William Randolph Hearst from his forest paper pulp business and the DuPont company from their bleaching and plastic making chemical processes.
    2) At the end of the prohibition of alcohol good ol’ Henry Anslinger was going to be out of a job!! He couldn’t have that so he teamed up with Randolph Hearst and began the reefer madness campaign. Once Randolph and Henry accomplised what they initially set out for, THE PROHIBITION OF MARIJUANA (aka CANNABIS), Henry Anslinger then became the head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics!!!!…. Go Figure!!!!!
    So you see the prohibition of cannabis is not because it is this oh so horrible “gateway” drug everyone has deemed it to be due to our government, it is because some men with money wanted even more money and found a way to do so.

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