TROY — The Troy provider of language and cultural training Global LT is supporting its employees’ New Year’s resolutions by offering onsite Zumba classes and healthier vending machine options.

“Everyone has a health goal as a resolution and our office is no different,” said Global LT CEO Lisette Poletes. “But what makes us different is that we strive to help our employees meet their goals, whatever they may be. That’s what family does, and we are a family owned business.”

Global LT put together a 2012 health plan as part of its strategy to encourage and engage employees. The six-week program will allow employees a chance to work out on site with a certified Zumba instructor, get healthy protein shakes or bars from the vending machine as well as sign up for desktop shoulder and neck massages.

“Making health an accessible option is what every employee needs,” said Global LT marketing manager Kristin Lambert. “Leave your excuses at home! You can grab a healthy snack from the vending machine and join the classes during the week, without ever having to step in a gym.”

Strategic health planning options that were considered for employees ranged from discounted gym memberships to extremes like treadmill desk stations. Some programs already instituted such as free Weight Watchers memberships or pedometers to employees are still in effect and will remain an option for those who qualify.

Research shows that employees who have access to working out at their job have higher morale and are more energized and less stressed.

Founded in 1979, Global LT provides language training, cultural training, translations and expatriate destination services with representatives in Boston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, London, and Shanghai.


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