LAS VEGAS — Commerce Township-based HMDX Audio will showcase its new collection this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

The 2012 HMDX Audio collection will feature 15 new products, ranging from $9.99 to $59.99, including brand new bedside audio, portable audio, and home/office audio offerings as well as updates and extensions of some of its hottest selling products from last year, such as its top-selling Go Series portable MP3 speakers.

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HMDX Audio products feature broad compatibility with iPad, iPhone and iPod as well as other popular digital devices.

“We’re excited to bring our customers the highest quality audio and electronics products to meet their tech-savvy needs at prices that put great audio innovation within anyone’s reach,” said Ron Ferber, CEO of HMDX Audio. “Whether it’s helping you awaken or fall asleep, fill your home or office with music, bring your dorm room to life, or take your music with you, our team at HMDX Audio has created an exceptional product portfolio for 2012 and we’re eager to share them with retailers and consumers.”

Kicking off the new year, HMDX will offer a new collection of bedside, home, and portable audio equipment as well speaker docks and portable charging accessories, available at a wide array of leading retailers, such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Toys “R” Us, and Walmart as well as online at Featured products from the new collections include:

Bedside Audio

Daybreak (HX-B060) $19.99 – This full-function dual alarm clock with snooze, nap, and gradual wake feature is modern and sleek, and offers a unique “dock,” integrated audio cable and USB charging port that makes it compatible with virtually all smartphones. Also includes a digital FM radio. Available May 2012. Arch (HX-B310) $39.99 – Imagine falling asleep to soothing, authentic sounds of nature. This bedside audio clock with dual alarm awakens users to nature sounds, music or beeps. An attractive LCD display shows indoor and outdoor temperatures, and projects time and temperature on the ceiling or wall. Comes with six extended-loop nature sounds (Ocean, Thunder, Waterfall, Rainforest, Summer Night and Rain), auto-off timer and AM/FM radio. Available April 2012. Flow (HX-B312) $49.99 – This modern bedside alarm dock charges and plays iPad, iPhone and iPod, adding deep sound using the dynamic sound profile with subwoofer for enhanced bass. A fully functioning dual alarm clock with snooze, nap, and gradual wake features, this auto-set clock not only performs wake-up and music duties, but can also charge your devices through its USB port. A built-in nightlight feature has been added to this versatile bedside alarm dock. Available now. Refresh (HX-B440) $59.99 – Sleek and simple, this bedside alarm dock is a full function dual alarm clock with snooze, nap, and gradual wake feature, and also offers the user several music options including a digital FM radio and six nature sounds. Refresh not only wakes the user in a refreshing way, but also recharges the battery of iPad, iPhone and iPod products to get the day started fully charged. An aux-in connector for non-Apple devices helps customers get the most out of their bedside alarm dock. Available May/June 2012. Other products include the Flip (HX-B070) $19.99, FM clock radio that features a unique “flip out” universal MP3 player dock with integrated audio cable. The Arc (HX-B200) $29.99 FM clock radio features touch sensor controls, plus an integrated audio cable and USB charging port that makes it compatible with virtually all smartphones. The Awaken (HX-B332) $39.99 iPhone docking FM clock radio. The Pearl (HX-B210) $29.99 FM/AM clock radio includes six digitally recorded natures sounds and time projection, and the Eclipse (HX-B040) $9.99. All models include dual alarms, gradual, wake and snooze. Models available now through May 2012.

Portable Audio

Flex (HX-P230) $29.99 – Portability is the way to go with the Flex Bluetooth wireless portable speaker, connecting to your Bluetooth-enabled iPad, iPhone, iPod or other popular smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, to set your music free from up to 30 feet away. Lithium-ion rechargeable battery for on-the-go flexibility. The Flex’s small size makes it the perfect travel companion. Available May/June 2012. ‘Go Series’ Portable MP3 Speakers ($9.99-$29.99) – Carry loud sound in a small case with HMDX Audio’s new Go Series portable MP3 speakers. Model HX-GO3 clips onto your bag, backpack and more, and not only carries a melody, but can also store and protect devices and headphones. External volume controls make it easy to operate and it runs on three “AAA” batteries. Available now with additional colors and varieties to be launched throughout 2012. Model HX-GO5, coming in Summer 2012, is the ultimate blend of fashion, audio, and protection. This smartphone speaker boasts convenient controls for volume and power, and has a zippered pocket on back for cash and other small items. Operates on three “AAA” batteries.

Home Audio

Orb (HX-A402) $59.99 – The perfect complement for your iPad, the Orb unleashes the audio potential of your device bringing new life to your music and movies. Designed from the ground up specifically for Apple’s iPad2 and original iPad, this speaker system allows easy viewing in both portrait and landscape modes. A video-out jack is included when you want to view content on your TV. A full function remote adds flexibility. Available May 2012. Symmetry (HX-P442) $59.99 – This dynamic home audio system with smart design plays and charges iPad, iPhone and iPod, projecting audio loud and clear with a subwoofer that provides enhanced bass. With video-out capability, the Symmetry can also send movies and videos from your iPad, iPhone and iPod to a TV for easy viewing and listening. Available May 2012.


Boost (HX-C212) $29.99 – “Roll-and-go” with the new Boost portable charging station with self-storage. Rapidly charges iPad at full charge rate of 2.1 amps along with iPhone, iPod and other popular smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and more. Three charging ports for connecting different devices, and includes cables for iPad/iPhone, mini-USB and micro-USB. Includes travel carrying case for easy portability. Available May 2012.

The company behind HMDX Audio is also responsoble for Powerbag portable power backpacks, Sharper Image electronics and MyCharge portable power.

Powerbag was recently named a CES Innovations 2012 Award Honoree.  Seamlessly integrated into every Powerbag is the exclusive universal smart-charging system, which powers mobile devices that can be charged using a USB cable, including iPad, iPhone, iPod and most leading smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, eReaders, Bluetooth headsets and more, right in the bag.

Powerbag comes with a built-in, lightweight, rechargeable and removable battery for “charge on the go” capability (3000 mAh, 6000 mAh or 9000 mAh batteries available). Plug your Powerbag into any standard wall outlet with the included AC adapter to recharge the internal battery.

Connect up to four (4) mobile devices at a time using the included pre-routed connectors (1 micro, 1 mini, 1 Apple) and one USB port inside every Powerbag; keep devices connected or plug-in when you need more power.

The exclusive, universal Powerbag smart-charging system will automatically detect the connected devices in the bag and send the right amount of power to optimally charge each one. When plugged in, Powerbag will charge all connected devices first and then charge its own battery.

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Powerbag will introduce several bags from its three collections this year, including Urban Collection for the young urbanite, Executive Collection for the profesional, and the Fu¯l Collection for students to business pros.

Powerbag is available now starting at $139.99, at Best Buy, OfficeMax, QVC, F.Y.E., WirelessZone,, select college and airport stores, and at

More at

MyCharge Portable Power, meanwhile, offers on-the-go, lightweight, extended battery packs with all connectors and cables built in to deliver instant power and offer up to double, triple or quadruple the run times for Apple, LG, HTC, BlackBerry, Samsung smartphones, tablets and hundreds of other digital devices.

The MyCharge products offer a variety of charging capacities and retail for $39.99 to $99.99.

In addition to the new products, RFA Brands said it has also updated its original myCharge Portable Power Banks to incorporate its exclusive “All-in-One” construction where all cords and connectors are already built into the individual models.

The Sharper Image, meanwhile, will add more than a dozen new audio products in 2012.

Beginning the first quarter of 2012, new portable speakers, wireless Bluetooth-enabled home/office audio speakers, docking stations and versatile bedside audio products that embody The Sharper Image’s highest standard of quality and design will be available for purchase at and at national retailers such as Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Kohl’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Dillard’s.

Home/Office Audio

Ellipse (ESI-A812) $99.99 – Sleek and stylish, this home audio system plays music from iPad, iPhone and iPod, while simultaneously charging them. The premium sound quality of this system includes a powered subwoofer for excellent bass. Additionally, the Ellipse boasts video-out to send movies and videos to your TV, and an aux-in for connecting non-Apple devices. Available May 2012. Freedom (ESI-A610) $79.99 – Featuring professionally engineered sound processing technology for a superior, true-to-life audio experience, this gorgeously designed wireless speaker connects with iPad, iPhone and iPod as well as other Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops from up to 30-feet away to control your music. A single subwoofer enhances low bass sounds. Aux-in for non-Bluetooth compatible devices. Available May 2012. Other products include the Hex (ESI-A102) $59.99 compact speaker and Ambience Plus (ESI-A683) $129.99, a Bluetooth wireless home audio system. Both units charge and play iPad, iPhone and iPod and are compatible with other non-Apple devices, featuring exceptional audio quality and video-out capability to send movies and video to your TV. Hex available now. Ambience Plus available May 2012.

Portable Audio

Connect (ESI-P400) $49.99 – Ideal for kitchens or bathrooms, the Connect delivers great sound without taking up valuable counter space. This Bluetooth-enabled speaker connects wirelessly up to 30 feet away to iPad, iPhone, iPod and other popular smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Along with great sound, the Connect also features Bluetooth Hands-Free Speaker Phone capability. Plugs directly into any AC outlet and also works on the rechargeable lithium battery for portable use. Available May/June 2012. Transit (ESI-A410) $49.99 – Slide your iPad, iPhone, iPod or other popular tablet or smartphone into the front slot of this small, stylish wireless speaker and connect with Bluetooth for a symphony of sound wherever you may travel. Featuring Bluetooth Hands-Free Speaker Phone capability with enabled smartphones. Works from 30 feet away. Works on AC or battery power. Available May 2012. Other products include the Escape (ESI-P202) $59.99 and Chill (ESI-P302) $79.99 portable audio systems that charge and play iPad, iPhone and iPod and are compatible with other non-Apple devices, featuring superior sound, soft-eject dock drawers, and video-out capability to send movies and video to your TV. Both work on AC or battery power. The Chill includes a rechargeable lithium battery for enhanced portability. Chill available now. Escape available May 2012.

Bedside Audio

Relaxx (ESI-B622) $99.99 – The only bedside dock of its kind, Relaxx is complete with dual Apple docks (including a motorized iPad dock drawer), dual subwoofers enhance bass output, jumbo LED auto-set clock with gradual wake feature, digital FM radio capabilities, a hidden USB port for charging all other devices, as well as a convenient remote control. Available now. Twist (ESI-B132) $59.99 – With a unique design, this alarm clock dock brings sophistication to any bedside. Inspired by the black and chrome style of the legendary iPhone, the Twist offers docking for both Apple and non-Apple devices, a jumbo LED auto-set clock with dual alarm and gradual wake features. Perfect for those who never want their iPhone or iPad further than an arms reach, even when asleep. Available now. Other products include the SoundSoother (EC-B100) $39.99, featuring 20 high quality digital nature sounds, dual alarm clock and extra large display, and the Revive (ESI-B612) $79.99, a premium beside alarm clock and audio system that charges and plays iPad, iPhone, iPod from its motorized dock drawer. SoundSoother available now. Revive available May/June 2012.


Restore (ESI-C222) $39.99 – This charging valet can repower multiple devices, including iPad, iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, Android, and more. Rapidly charges iPad at 2.1 amps. Three USB ports allow the Restore to be easily connected to most equipment. Powered from AC, a cigarette adapter is included for mobile use. The Restore comes with Apple 30-pin, USB mini and USB micro cables, all in a travel pouch for easy transit. Available May 2012.

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