GRAND RAPIDS — Dematic, supplier of logistics systems for the factory, warehouse, and distribution center, has released PickDirector 3.6, a new extended version of the order fulfillment software for distribution and warehousing operations.

PickDirector software, WCS (Warehouse Control System), manages order fulfillment activities in piece or case pick applications using RF, light displays or voice technologies to optimize processes and direct warehouse staff.

PickDirector software is often configured to operate in conjunction with picking carts or smart conveyor networks and supports “pick” or “put” applications.   PickDirector 3.6 extends functionality to include enhanced operation with “put walls” and order packing work cells. Version 3.6 also drives hybrid fulfillment operations such as indexing or constant pace conveyor systems that are designed to maximize picking productivity. Furthermore, the new release offers expanded performance for store friendly pick sequence applications, direct store delivery, and route delivery order assembly.

Ken Ruehrdanz, distribution market manager for Dematic, said, “By adding the new features to the existing software platform, the PickDirector solution has a stronger business case and performs for a wider variety of applications. PickDirector 3.6 optimizes and supports all types of warehouse environments from non-automated operations where no racking or location codes exist to automated/mechanized system configurations.”

Like previous versions, PickDirector 3.6 supports order tracking, zone balancing, “golden zone” analysis, quality control, label printing, layer picking, and SKU descriptions (for voice applications) as well as managing out of stock, replenishment, and cycle counting. It also provides operational data such as real time reporting of worker productivity/current assignments/utilization and operational statistics such as percentage of orders complete.

For more information regarding Dematic or PickDirector 3.6, contact Cheryl Falk at or call 1-262-860-6715.

Dematic is a global engineering company that provides a comprehensive range of intelligent warehouse logistics and materials handling products and services.


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