CBI Offers Webinar On Strategic  Business Virtualization: On Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 1 p.m. Eastern time, Troy-based Creative Breakthroughs Inc. will hold a Webinar on how virtualization can streamline, simplify and remove layers of technology. We will consider this approach in contrast to the normal technology evolution where new technology is usually layered on top of or along side of existing technology, creating an ever more complex and fragile infrastructure. How implementing a virtual environment for the main reason of creating business value and increased productivity has significant other ancillary benefits in the security, business continuity, disaster recovery, support costs, standardization, governance and performance monitoring areas. The flexibility and adaptability that the virtualized environment creates, means that the infrastructure won’t lag behind the business strategy. With a virtualized infrastructure in place business strategies changes can now be accommodated without having to make changes the infrastructure. Register today and see what your architecture could look like in less than a year if you willing to be a real innovative leader in your organization.  Register at this link.