DETROIT (WWJ) – An after-school and summer program designed by the University of Michigan School of Public Health is doing its part to reduce crime and resolve conflicts without violence.

WWJ Newsradio 950’s Gary Lundy reports on what’s called the “YES” program: That stands for “Youth Empowerment Solutions” for Peaceful Communities.

It’s a program built around the idea that kids can and want to reduce violence, as well as improve their neighborhoods. The concept actually leads to lower crimes, better upkeep of homes without adult support.

The YES program is part of a case study at UM’s Prevention Research Center.

Those involved in the study predict the program will have positive results for participants as well as the communities they live in.

Study co-author are Thomas Reischl says that results were encouraging at the individual level, he added. Kids who participated in the YES program were much more likely to report nonviolent conflict avoidance and resolution than those who did not participate. YES participants also reported fewer instances of victimization.

“The effect on the kids was really impressive,” Reischl said. “These results are very encouraging.”

To find out more about the YES program click on here.

  1. hempangle says:

    This is a step in the wright direction.If you are going to use cops to help promote this than have them wear different costumes.Kids in every major city watch cops kill people either with guns or by the use of cars.You can not respect someone just because you are afraid of them.You are supose to fear Gods rath,but not a cops actions.Do this with non cops and it may work.If your doing this in the hard times we are having now it may not work and if you make them do it instead of going to jail,it won’t work either.Do it with kindness.WE have enough bullies.

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