DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s been nearly a year since a graphic shooting at a Detroit Police Precinct that wounded four police officers —  and left the gunman dead.

WWJ’s Sandra McNeil reports officers are looking back on the incident that was caught on video tape inside Detroit’s 6th Precinct last year.

Many lives were changed the day that Lamar Moore came into the police station and opened fire.

6th prect shooting 1 yr later asst chf chester logan Officers Reflect On 2011 Shooting At 6th Precinct

Asst. Police Chief Chester Logan.

Assistant Police Chief Chester Logan remembers walking into the precinct just after the shooting occurred that day.

“The station just smelled of gunsmoke, you could actually still see the gunsmoke in the station, there was blood everywhere, there was broken glass, shell casings. There was almost pure pandemonium,” said Logan.

Officer Kerry Schultz  was shot in her bullet proof vest and she returned to work just over a month later.

“They repaired a few areas of the building but I still see chips in the brick – I know things that were there that other people don’t see,” said Schultz. “When it rains – do my ribs hurt – yeah they hurt.”

“My adrenalin was actually so high at the time of the incident that I didn’t even know I had been hit until probably five or six minutes after the fact, and another officer pointed out the holes in my uniform,” said Schultz.

“When I see pettiness or small disagreements that to me it’s changed me … a lot of that just doesn’t matter,” she added.

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