Boston Globe reporter Scott Helman, who co-wrote the book “The Real Romney,” gave Talk Radio 1270’s Charlie Langton the inside scoop on Mitt Romney on a recent show. Helman talked about the effect Romney’s father had on Mitt Romney in shaping who he is today. He discussed his past as an independent candidate, a guy who was pro-choice and a man who was at one time very socially moderate. However, as governor of Massachusetts, he shifted right and became much more conservative.

Helman discussed an auto accident he had as a young Mormon while in France that killed a passenger in his car. Romney was seriously injured in that accident and his recovery and life after changed him in many ways. Other tidbits include the fact that Romney’s wife was not a Mormon and came from a family that was skeptical of organized religion. How will Romney deal with his position on the auto bailouts? Langton and Helman discuss. Listen to the interview here:

Scott Helman-Part 1

Scott Helman-Part 2