SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) – Gasoline prices continued their pogo stick ride in Michigan through the month of January.

The price of gasoline is hard to predict, especially when they are, for the most part, predicated on forces we can’t control.

In Michigan, the price range has been fairly constant, with swings of between 20 to 40 cents up or down.

Nancy Cain with AAA Michigan said if you want to know where prices are headed, keep an eye on CNBC.

“We all want to keep an eye on that crude oil price and what’s happening overseas. For example, in Iran the unrest there is a concern, and should something happen to one of the refineries overseas or something else weather related, ever here, it could change prices,” said Cain.

The lowest gasoline prices in the state can be found in the Jackson area, with the most expensive being in Marquette area. Prices in Metro Detroit rank right in there with the state’s average.

You can get a daily fuel gauge report, complete with national gas price averages, from AAA at

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  1. EarlRichards says:

    Google the “Global Oil Scam” by Phil Davis. Purchase electric cars and solar panels.

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