By Tim Kiska

Only last week, Michigan’s February 28th presidential primary was drawing scant attention from candidates without the last name of Romney. With a solid victory in Florida, Mitt Romney was on a clearer path to nomination.

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But Rick Santorum’s victories in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado are causing people to reassess. It would seem that conservatives are still looking for another alternative to Romney.

A few possibilities, for your consideration:

What if Santorum’s campaign checking account suddenly gets fatter as a result of his Tuesday night trifecta win?

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What if Santorum’s campaign decides to illustrate Romney’s vulnerability among conservatives in Mitt’s home state?

If both “what ifs” come true, February 28 could be interesting.

As pollster Steve Mitchell points out, voter attitudes during primaries change with the wind.

A case in point, from Mitchell — who has been through the wars: One poll had Mitt Romney ahead by 10 percentage points in Colorado the night before the election. Romney lost by five.

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It only goes to prove that when it comes to political intelligence during this primary season, nobody knows nothin’.