Val Hall, proprieter of the hinkymeter blog that has made explosive allegations about the Jane Bashara murder case, called into Charlie Langton’s show Thursday.

Explaining that she culls public documents and other media sites to gather information, the Oklahoma native explained why she’s now focused on the Bashara case in a blog that has allegedly tracked Bashara and his reported mistress to an S&M chat board — and beyond.

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Her blog has screen shots of several messages about “Master Bob” and his “submissive” girlfriend seeking a third sex partner to share their lives that Hall believes points to Bashara.

The chat board also had posts from the alleged girlfriend lavishly praising “Master Bob” for his kindness and thoughtfulness. Bashara was allegedly close to buying a house for his gal pal, though Hall found he’s in financial straits. It’s been widely reported that Bashara, a commercial property owner, was thousands of dollars behind in taxes.

“They were very, very upside down in their house,” Hall said. “In 2009 they had a long string of re-mortgages, in 2009, they took more than $500,000 on that house, they got a cash out refinance. And then the bottom fell out.”

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Hall said her research shows Bashara was ready to start a life with two other women.

“I have sources who are close friends of Jane and Jane and Bob, relatives of Jane, a couple of different sources in the media and community who know Bob and (the girlfriend). They are firsthand, not secondhand…From all sides, they say Jane didn’t know about this and wouldn’t have approved,” Hall said.

Hear the entire interview, including details of the the S&M allegations, below.

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