The head of the Michigan Democratic Party, Mark Brewer, told Charlie Langton that Republicans threw away $10 million when they switched from a caucus to a primary. He questioned why the Republicans would spend millions on a primary when they could have done a caucus and put that money towards other more pressing state needs. Moreover, he talked about the fact that there will be a record of everybody that votes in the primary which makes those concerned about privacy very nervous.

Brewer also believes Romney should not only win the state in the upcoming primary, he should win by double digits but he acknowledges that Romney’s opposition to the auto bailouts, his wealth, offshore investments, and gaffs make him vulnerable in any election.

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Brewer took questions from callers and Langton on a number of subjects including Obama suddenly turning around and accepting super PAC money. Hypocrisy? Brewer says “no,” of course, but a necessary step to even the financial playing field. Langton disagreed and firmly believes Obama is wrong to take that money!

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So should Democrats vote in the Republican primary to try to screw it up by voting for an unpopular candidate? Brewer says no. He doesn’t like anybody on either side of the aisle playing politics in that way. Why is Herman Cain, who dropped out of the race long ago, and 10 other candidates on the February 28th primary ballot? Brewer said it’s a conspiracy to make sure Romney wins Michigan and wins big. How does Brewer feel about Snyder? Listen to the complete interview to hear all the reasons he doesn’t like what Snyder’s been doing.

Listen to the complete interview here:

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Brewer: Part 1

Brewer: Part 2