Online Tech’s HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosts KMJ’s Patient Sign-off Application: Ypsilanti-based KMJ Health announced that it chose Online Tech’s fully managed and HIPAA compliant cloud to host their medical Software-as-a-Solution application. KMJ’s eDoclist, their patient sign-off and handoff application, is used by hospitalists, residents, and physician practice groups to avoid communication errors including duplication and omission. The system has been implemented throughout the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, and has won great accolades. KMJ Health Services needed a flexible, scalable, and fully HIPAA compliant hosting system for eDoclist. The challenge for health IT application providers is facilitating company growth without compromising the privacy, security, and availability of patient health information. Online Tech’s HIPAA compliant hosting provides the physical, environmental, network and infrastructure security to meet HIPAA compliance standards by making sure PHI is always available and secure. All of Online Tech’s data centers, products and services passed a complete, independent HIPAA audit by a Certified HIPAA Security Specialist. Online Tech was found to be 100 percent compliant across all citations of the HITECH act and the 136 audited components. KMJ Health Solutions, developer of eDoclist provides patient sign out and patient handoff web-based services to hospitalists, residents, and physician practice groups to avoid communication errors including duplication and omission. eDoclist began as a nonprofit effort by a physician who was frustrated by the lack of an effective sign out list. He wanted to create an environment where patient safety was never compromised due to lack of errors in communication. Today eDoclist is offered commercially to providers nationwide as a SaaS subscription model. For more information, visit

Altair Wins Deal With Aircraft Engine Maker: Troy-based Altair Engineering Inc., announced that MTU Aero Engines, a provider of aero engines for the civil and military aircraft industry, has selected HyperWorks as its primary strategic solution for CAE pre- and post-processing and PBS Professional for high-performance computing tasks. HyperWorks is Altair’s comprehensive simulation platform for rapid design exploration and decision-making. MTU selected HyperWorks following a year-long enterprise benchmark that deeply investigated all major CAE commercial software packages. As a result, MTU will deploy the HyperWorks modules HyperMesh and HyperView across the bigger part of its development groups worldwide, entirely replacing its former commercial pre- and post-processing solution. PBS Professional, Altair’s commercial-grade workload management and job submission solution, provides a flexible, on-demand cloud computing environment that allows enterprises to easily share distributed computing resources. PBS Professional will serve as MTU’s strategic workload management solution, handling job distribution and scheduling of high-performance enterprise computing resources. MTU Aero Engines is Germany’s leading engine manufacturer and an established global player in the industry. It engages in the development, manufacture, marketing and support of commercial and military aircraft engines in all thrust and power categories and industrial gas turbines. The German manufacturer employs approximately 8,200 people overall and with its various affiliates has a presence in all significant regions and markets worldwide. In the years ahead, MTU will focus its resources on its core business, seek stakes in emerging engine programs and expand its service offerings. For more information, please visit: More about Altair at

Delta Picks Aqaba For Web Development: Delta PowerSystems, a Michigan based emerging leader for EVSE charger installation, has chosen the international digital advertising agency Aqaba Technologies for development of a new Web site and Web strategy. The site will be equipped with the latest cross browser capabilities, enabling easy viewing from any tablet or smartphone. The site will be designed to be search engine friendly. It will also be built with an advanced content management system to simplify work from an administrative standpoint. More about Delta PowerSystems at Aqaba, a certified Google AdWords agency and Yahoo and Bing Ambassador whose services provide strategic analysis and insight to give businesses a competitive advantage in the complex and rapidly changing Internet economy. More at