DETROIT (WWJ) – This Valentine’s Day it’s time to remind your sweetie to make the time to take care of herself. And because February is Heart Health month, WWJ’s Kathryn Larson is fighting heart disease as she takes us along to the cardiologist’s office for her annual checkup.

Doctor Joel Kahn, a cardiologist at DMC Harper University Hospital, is a vegan who really believes we are what we eat. He said being a “vegetable-arian” is the key, and it’s crucial to staying fit and for our hearts.

“Your body is a Ferrari, your body is a miracle and, you know, if you owned a racing car you wouldn’t be putting junk in the engine, you’d be putting premium fuel in the engine. Well, your body is the same. Take good care of it. Don’t wait until you’ve got a problem and then ask the question ‘Now what do I do?,'” he said.

Kahn said women fail to come in regularly for these heart to heart check ups, but the appointment is important to make because it can make a big difference.

“I think one of the biggest obstacles is how busy women are. I mean, some work in the home and out of the home and take care of ailing parents or ailing relatives, and they make no time for themselves. I think the Go Red for Women campaign is to say at least once a year, take this small amount of time for yourself,” he said.

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