ANN ARBOR — Enkive LLC, a provider of open source email archiving and e-discovery software, Thursday announced the release of Enkive 1.0, its email archiving product.

Enkive 1.0 is the result of a significant re-architecting effort of version 0.8, which reduced the memory footprint and increased the speed of archival and retrieval by orders of magnitude. This, in turn, offers increased flexibility in terms of hardware requirements.

“The new architecture positions Enkive so that future versions can run on clusters and in the cloud,” said Elizabeth Ziph, managing partner of Enkive, LLC. “We achieved these results in part by transitioning to a new storage and indexing system.”

For Enkive 1.0 the indexing engine is Indri (UMass) and the object storage engine is MongoDB, both of which are open source. New features in this release include tools for seamless migration from prior releases of the software and a self-service capability allowing users to search their own emails in the archive.

This is the fourth release of Enkive is one year, during which the company has seen growth in the number of downloads of the product.

“We are committed to continuous improvement of the product and welcome open source developers to join the project,” Ziph said.

Enkive, LLC, in partnership with The Linux Box Corp. offers four types of services for Enkive: remote installation and configuration; migration of email from current email system to the archive; porting of data from prior versions of Enkive to Enkive 1.0; and ongoing support and customization.

Read more about Enkive at To subscribe to the Enkive mailing groups, visit

Enkive is a comprehensive open source email archiving system. It helps organizations of all sizes address the problem of e-mail retention for business intelligence and legal and regulatory compliance. Enkive empowers organizations to easily store email while retaining control over their email system, IT infrastructure, information and processes.

Enkive LLC is a startup founded in October 2010 to develop, bring to market and support a modern, stand-alone open source email archiving and ediscovery solution that will cooperate with most email systems and meet organizations’ regulatory compliance needs

Founded in 1999, The Linux Box Corp.,, is a software development organization specializing in open source technology and the Linux platform. The Linux Box offers professional services, including customization and integration to a broad range of organizational clients. The Linux Box is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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