DETROIT (Talkradio 1270) – Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano is in trouble, no question about it, though he apologized to constituents Wednesday for the scandals that have rocked his administration.

And now state Rep. Phil Cavanagh, D-17th District, an attorney and former county commissioner, is showing interest in running against him.

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Cavanagh called Langton’s Talk Radio 1270 show to discuss Ficano’s Wednesday night State of the County address, where he didn’t spare the embattled exec — who has three years left on his term.

“It was probably a ‘D,’ lacked substance,” Cavanaugh said of Ficano’s speech. “I think he’s treading water and looking out just to keep the job…What I did find troubling, the whole speech was about economic development, we’ve heard it all before.”

“Who’s gonna want to move here if you don’t have good police forces, good schools.”

Langton pointed out that Wayne County has a $160 million deficit, and per state law, any county that has a deficit must file a deficit elimination plan with the treasurer’s office. Wayne County hasn’t filed one, Langton said, so where’s the enforcement?

“Maybe treasury at the state level is kind of busy now,” Cavanaugh said.

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Is Wayne County in danger of getting an emergency manager? Langton asked.

“They do have huge budget problems…They’re not immune to it,” Cavanaugh said, adding, “I’m hearing that there’s troubles.”

Then he got to the heart of the matter: “Have you thought about running?” Langton asked Cavanaugh.

“I have a great interest in Wayne County, and I think I know county government pretty well and I see a lot of problems that aren’t being addressed,” Cavanaugh said.

“Are you in?” Langton asked.

“I’m not out,” Cavanaugh responded.

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