Charlie Langton and Republican consultant Stu Sandler spent a few minutes talking with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney the night before the Michigan primary, in which Romney squeaked out a victory against Rick Santorum. During the chat, Romney positioned himself as someone who understands how to create jobs and boost the economy. He believes that reducing tax rates across the board by 20 percent would put more money in people’s pockets and help small business, which is taxed at an individual tax rate. Rather than paying more tax, he wants small business to expand, grow and hire.

“We need to reduce, across the board, the marginal tax rate,” Romney said, adding he would cut it by 20 percent. “The purpose of that is not only to give people more money to spend, but also to encourage small business… We want them to grow by investing in their people.”

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When asked about Santorum calling Obama a “snob” for wanting people to go to college,  Romney said that while college may not be for everybody, we should make it possible for people who want to go to be able to afford it and have the experience.

“There are some people, of course, who have a different course in their life,” Romney said.”We need to let people have their own course in life.”

Langton pointed out that Romney uses Kid Rock’s song “Born Free” to kick off his rallies, and asked whether Kid Rock emulates the values Romney espouses.

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“I like listening to his music,” Romney said. “I don’t actually try to sense their personal family values…I listen to a lot of rock music and country music.

“(I enjoy) some of the oldies, like Roy Orbison, The Eagles, the Beatles… Among today ”The Killers’ are a group I enjoy listening to.”

Hear his complete answer below.

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