You children may already enjoy science class but explain how their interest can lead to a fulfilling career in physical science, Earth science or life science.

Here are more details: If your kids light up when they talk about the stars, or they enjoy learning formulas and operating Bunson burners in chemistry class, then they might consider being an astronomer or a chemist.

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Or, another physical science job would be a physicist. These scientists study matter and energy, and how they are related. If they’re into the history of the Earth or fascinated with sea life — they could be a geologist or an oceanographer.

Other Earth scientists include: paleontologists, they specialize in fossils, meteorologists study weather and climate, and geographers study the Earth’s surface.

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In the last category called life science, there are careers ranging from medical doctors, zoologists, microbiologists and botanists, who specialize in plants, along with geneticists, who study heredity and variations in organisms.

Whatever your child’s career path may be, know that all scientists help our world.

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