I have a big problem with flying. No, not a fear of flying, but rather a problem with certain passengers on the plane. Why is it that some people feel that simply being on a plane elevates their self importance and status? I’m talking about those annoying passengers who find it necessary to stand up immediately after the fasten seat belt light is turned off. That annoying wretch who finds it necessary to read the in flight magazine as if it’s story telling time back in Elementary school. That annoying tool box that has to work the aisle way as if it’s his own, private single’s bar. What happened to staying in your seat, reading, doing a crossword puzzle, sudoku, working your laptop, or how about my personal favorite…sleeping! And for the love of Datsyuk, can you manage to stay in your seat for the entire two hour flight without having to get up and stretch your legs or relieve yourself? I may not be the ideal person to sit next to during a flight given my size, but I guarantee you won’t be too pissed at the end when you realize that I’ve kept my mouth shut and not made any attempts to leave my seat over the duration. And all I want in return is the entire can of Fresca!