Though I generally detest the comments made about hitters during batting practice while at Spring Training, usually dismissing them instantly as they are completely irrelevant. Perhaps I was a bit hasty. I’m not saying that guys who hit 8 consecutive BP homers are destined for 50 HR seasons, nor am I saying that launching a ball so far that it’s easier to track its distance in yards than feet is any indicator on how well their upcoming season will be. What I will say after watching the big boppers take part in the pre-game ritual today is that the meat of the order will definitely instill fear in opposing pitchers.

The Tigers lineup truly is relentless when you consider that guys like Raburn, Avila, Peralta and Boesch all have twenty homer potential for the season, coupled with the likes of Fielder, Cabrera and Young, who could all surpass thirty. It’s a consistent right/left combo that will put pitchers on the mat more often than not. After watching Batting Practice pitch after pitch go over the wall at Joker Marchant Stadium, I can say one thing for sure. When Prince Fielder hits one out, his swing will not be cheated. He swings so angry at the ball it reminds me of the days when Gary Sheffield played, taking his aggressions out on Mr. Spaulding or Rawlings or whomever the ball manufacturer is these days. We know Cabby’s going to kill it and yes, he does look slimmer. Delmon Young is my surprise pick to go yard more than 30 tines though and yet my basis for suggesting so is because I saw him hit some truly prodigious shots during my stay here in Lakeland. Alas, it’s only Batting Practice in Spring Training!


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