PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) — The Pontiac Silverdome’s owner is asking for a tax break to help fix up the former home of the Detroit Lions so it can better host events.

The Oakland Press and The Detroit News report Toronto-based Triple Properties Inc. is seeking the break. The stadium could get a multi-million dollar overhaul. The process of reviewing the proposal begins Thursday, with a meeting that includes Pontiac’s state-appointed emergency financial manager.

The plan would need approval from emergency manager Lou Schimmel and the state. Schimmel says the city currently gets $95,000 a year in taxes for the property.

Triple Properties purchased the 80,300-seat facility in 2009 for $583,000. The Silverdome was home of the Lions until 2002.

Company chief Andreas Apostolopoulos wants to bring a soccer team to the venue.

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  1. alvin says:

    Pontiac already gave the Silverdome owner a $19.5 MILLION DOLLAR discount when they purchased it. I think he has received his “incentive” and needs to pay his small tax bill. ” He s asking for $95,000 tax break a year. is he stupid or stupid? The city sold it because they couldnt afford the Maintenance fee which was less than $50,000 so why the hell are they gonna afford $95,000 a year. i still dont believe he only paid $583,000 for that whole thing when a 1500 sqf building in oaklnd county is going for at least $500,000 -$750,00.

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