STERLING HEIGHTS —  Aware of the fact that the average semi tractor trailer on the road today gets about 5.5 miles per gallon of diesel fuel, American Hydrogen Injection Distribution Company LLC, is looking to revolutionize the trucking industry while contributing to a cleaner environment.

The Michigan based company, which recently joined the Macomb-OU INCubator as a client company, hopes to realize these goals by distributing state-of-the-art, Class 8 hydrogen glider kits capable of boosting fuel efficiency of up to 9 miles per gallon. Generator design and a few other proprietary, under-the-hood technologies make this possible.

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“Our group is looking forward to working with everyone involved in the Macomb-OU Incubator program,” said Martha Theis, CEO of American Hydrogen Injection. “The offerings the program provides — such as the assistance with legal, accounting, commercialization and funding, to name a few — are things that we will certainly be taking advantage of.”

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In addition to increasing fuel efficiency, the company’s hydrogen generator helps diesel engines run cleaner, decreases carbon emissions and reduces the frequency with which engines need oil changes. Beyond the trucking industry, American Hydrogen Injection is looking for help from Macomb-OU INC to expand into the locomotive and marine engine markets.

“We are excited to have American Hydrogen Injection Distribution Company LLC as a client,” said Macomb-OU Executive Director Julie Gustafson. “We look forward to helping them to accelerate their business, which will include setting up a customized advisory team.”

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As the company moves forward, American Hydrogen Injection will maintain a strong commitment to men and women who’ve served in the U.S. military – a commitment evident in the company’s vision to become the largest veteran employer in the country.