DETROIT (CBS Detroit) Speaking of a Detroit Renaissance — check out City Council President Charles Pugh, who reveals washboard abs — and more — in a health and fitness video preview released Thursday.

Call him whatever you want, just don’t call him shy.

“I have a six pack, some would tell you I have an eight pack, well-defined arms, biceps, triceps, shoulders,” Pugh says in the video, explaining, “I run long distances … out on the Riverwalk at 6 o’clock in the morning.”

Pugh, who famously lost his Midtown condo to foreclosure while Detroit struggles to get its own financial house in order, is promoting a full video in the clip. He says when the full video is released, he and his trainer will show people how to use common household objects to help them get in shape.

“Mostly I will explain to you what I eat,” Pugh says. “I will mostly  go over what you should be cooking, what you should be having for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks…This will be a comprehensive video. This is just a preview.”

Pugh, a former TV anchorman known for his dapper wardrobe, says he’s lost 55 pounds with a common-sense diet and exercise plan.

“It was no trick, it was no special diet, I didn’t eat one chick pea a day for six weeks…I’m going to teach you how to do it as well,” Pugh says.

The video comes as council struggles against a budget deficit that some say will bring the city to bankruptcy this spring — and as council members fight off the possibility of a state financial takeover in the form of an emergency manager or a consent agreement.

Let us know below in comments: With those new guns, is Pugh better armed for financial battle — or is he wasting time on self-promotion when he should be focused on the city?


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