DETROIT (WWJ) – According to a new survey conducted by Lansing-based Marketing Resource Group, President Obama’s job approval rating is up eight percent since September, while Governor Snyder’s is up by 12 percent.

According to MRG President Tom Shields, the public has noticed a decrease in unemployment rates while also witnessing good economic news coming out of the business sectors. He believes that this has given the public the impression that Michigan’s economy is turning around and credits it as the reason for the increase in positive support.

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“The voter’s attitude towards the  direction of the state has improved dramatically and because of that, their attitudes towards our political leaders has changed dramatically to the favorable,” Shields said.

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The poll also revealed that Obama’s disapproval rate has dropped by 13 percent, while Snyder’s decreased by 22 percent.

Shields said that consistent ups and downs in the auto industry have resulted in the public losing hope for an improved economy. “Over the last nine years, people really gave up hope after a while.”

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However, he added that the poll results could be a sign that such attitudes are turning around.