If, by the time your baby reaches 8-to-10 weeks of age, he or she has not yet begun to react to loud noises, smile at you and others, follow movement, try to suck his or her fingers or push up when laying on his or her stomach – it’s recommended that  you mention it to your physician.

The U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention report there are certain milestones in a child’s development. For example, specialists suggest that by age six months, a child should recognize familiar faces, try to mimic sounds like “ah,” “eh” and “oh,” try to bring objects to his or her mouth and try to roll over.

By age one, a child will often become fussy when a parent leaves the room and exhibits shyness around strangers.

A 12-month-old child says words like “uh-oh,” “mama” or “dada” and may even try to mimic some of the words you say. At 12 months of age, your child should enjoy playing games like peek-a-boo and will begin exploring his or her surroundings.

To find more information on your child’s development milestones visit this link.


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