DETROIT (WWJ) – A Detroit man turned the tables on three would-be robbers. It happened Tuesday afternoon on Winthrop Street, near Plymouth and Greenfield.

The 75-year-old Willie White said he was watching a basketball game in his home when he heard the suspects breaking in through a side door. His wife was asleep upstairs.

White shot and killed one suspect, an 18-year-old man.

Talking to WWJ Newsradio 950’s Marie Osborne, White said he feared for his life, and, as the man approached, he had no other choice but to fire.

“After three or four kicks, he was into the kitchen and coming up the stairs, so I just shot more or less at the area. I saw him, but I shot at that area and I was aiming for his body. After I saw him, when saw his head, I knew he was coming around, you know,” White said.

“He made himself available for me to shoot, and as much as he came into the house. And I felt threatened and I shot him,” White said.

A search by police determined the intruder was armed.

“Later I found out later he had a gun, so his intentions weren’t very well either,” White said.

White wasn’t hurt. The Wayne County prosecutor will decide whether or not he will face charges.

Police are still looking for the two other suspects who fled the scene.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call Detroit Police Homicide at 313-596-2260.

Comments (8)
  1. Jim says:

    Watch out, here comes Jesse and Horace. Since the criminals didn’t kill anyone and were just intending to steal, those two clowns will blame the home owner. I’m just sayin’!

  2. DorianWrites says:

    You have a valid point, Jim–one of the problems of living here, and getting into conflict with the rampant criminal element, is that you have to prepare for their return and reprisal. Of course, often, they go on to other things. But…you never know.

  3. U Thedore says:

    Wack um and stack mu

  4. nicademus says:

    GOOD!!! Home invaders plans got ‘nippped in the bud’. Too bad he didn’t get all of them. Justice served on the spot! AMEN!

  5. harvardruler says:

    wheres Shaprton…o its black om black…let the violence bloom…they do not givan-eff

  6. sc says:

    Nice job, & thank you old-timer. My home might of been next.

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