By: Scott “The Gator” Anderson

This week my Chump was Pat Robertson. Though I am no Bible Thumper, nor an Atheist, this televangelist’s ranting about the Denver Broncos’ decision to dump Tim Tebow in favor of Peyton Manning seemed a bit over the top.

I gather that Pat likes himself some Tebow. I have no issue with that; Tim Tebow is a phenomenon that swept the nation last year. The problem is that Robertson stated that if Manning were to get hurt that the Broncos would have gotten what they deserved. This presumably because they decided to jettison the former Gator in exchange for signing one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

If you think about it, effectively Denver dealt Tim Tebow for Peyton Manning and some draft picks. That sounds pretty savvy to me, lightning bolts striking me down aside. Robertson thought they treated Tebow shabbily, thus his ire was raised. But, saying that an injury to one of the game’s elite isn’t exactly a very neighborly thing to say. I didn’t realize he was such a football fan, but then again if he was, he would understand from a football sense that the move makes a ton of sense for the folks in the Mile High city. If he is upset because of the whole Christian thing, I offer this: Tim Tebow will be able to reach far more people through a pulpit in New York City than he ever could have in Denver. I’m guessing that there will be some sort of media coverage of his trials and tribulations in the Eastern Time Zone.

Either way, there’s no need to get upset over an NFL transaction, HBO’s cancellation of Deadwood is a different story.

  1. Kimberly Bowman says:

    Been a fan of the 700 Club for years. But without trying to sound unfeeling or uncaring or mean, I’ve been wondering for quite some time if it’s time for Pat to turn the reins over to his son/Terry/ and or others. He has said so many hurtful things in the recent past, and I was very shocked at some of the advice he has given people during the show. He could and should certainly keep active in the organization, their missions, etc. But his logic lately has been scary. Not sure what is going on, but a lot of his answers are hurting the 700 Club and drawing a lot of bad publicity and actually hurting the cause. God bless you all. I appreciate you all.

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