AUBURN HILLS (WWJ) – Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson believes Detroit will end up in bankruptcy.

“Detroit — I’m looking only at Detroit — couldn’t survive without a manager,” Patterson told attendees at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast at Oakland University on Wednesday.

“The very people who got them in that mess … without them being in control. And there’s absolutely no thoughtful management versus crisis management in the city.

“They don’t want a consent agreement which buys them some time, then they’re gonna get a manager. And a manager could say it’s hopeless and flip them into Chapter 9 bankruptcy, which is where personally think it’s gonna end up,” he said.

L. Brooks Patterson

Patterson told the crowd Detroit is a “tinderbox” facing the prospect of civil unrest given the opposition to the state’s involvement. “….and then I lose my Triple-A (insurance) and all hell breaks loose.

“You had that black minister a couple days ago saying we’re not letting the governor take this city over — we’ll burn it down first.  That’s what you’re gonna see, I think,  people fomenting that kind of disorder,” he said.

Patterson said the city needs an emergency financial manager to right the finances, but efforts to stop the state’s EM law might hamper that.

He said he doesn’t see how additional debt — the $135 million in bonds approved by City Council on Wednesday — will help the city out of its fiscal crisis.

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  1. BNK says:

    50 years of the inmates running the asylum and we now have what Detroit sowed… enriched union bosses with platinum retirement benefits and a mass exodus of citizens! There’s so few people left paying the obscene benefits the public unions voted themselves that bankruptcy is probably their only choice!

    Adding insult to injury we had Mr. “Detroiter’s need to arm themselves against the white suburbanites” SoulMan Young and then his partner in crime Kwamee stealing the people of Detroit blind for how many years. Yes… let’s just keep reelecting them and see if we can get different results? I like Dave Bing and truly feel sorry for him… he is trying to clean up 50 years of decline and open lock box thievery… not an easy task in the ugly economy Michigan has faced since 2000.

    It’s just heartbreaking to see a once great city like Detroit, fall into such decline and misery!

    1. DorianWrites says:

      It is to laugh, how people love to attribute these ridiculous quotes to Coleman Young (see idiocy below). Try arguing with this without sounding like a bigot:
      Coleman Young broke the stranglehold whites had on ALL city positions. He integrated the police department to more closely reflect the citizens they served. He refused to allow the brutal and racist S.T.R.E.S.S. unit to continue in existence. And, on the eve of his election, when asked what his secret to winning was, he said, “They let me win because they didn’t want the d*amn thing anymore”. Then, 20 years and several scandals down the road, he refused to run against Dennis Archer. THOSE are the facts.

    2. twang says:

      You are really stupid

  2. C says:

    And why isn’t that Black Minister in Prison for threatening to burn the City down?? He threatened to cause arson to the city – others have been Jailed for less.

    1. Mike G says:

      If you or I said such words we would be indicted…

  3. bluemalak says:

    I live in Michigan, and you couldn’t pay me to go to Detroit. It’s a nasty, dirty city.

    1. DorianWrites says:

      I get paid to go to Detroit…I work there, and I live there. Thousands of people get up every morning and say the same things you just wrote…and then they…we…go out and try to DO something about it.

  4. bluemalak says:

    Detroit is a nasty, dirty city, you couldn’t pay me to go there.

  5. Jon Anthony says:

    Is there any way they can make Detroit the 51st state, just to legally force it to secede form the Union, and put a 25′ barbed wire fence around the city limits?

    (I’m no stranger to thinking outside the box)

  6. autoguy57 says:

    Isn’t this what COleman Young envisioned for Detroit when he told WHites to “Hit Eight Mile Rd.? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    He got his wish and look what’s happened to Detroit, a once beautiful and proud city.

    1. DorianWrites says:

      And here, I thought this site was a bit more civil and smart than….but apparently NOT. One more time for the cheap seats (and those with cotton in their ears):
      Coleman Young told “pushers, scammers, drug dealers, and all criminals–WITH or WITHOUT badges–to hit Eight Mile Road”. Now, if “whites” were included in that roll call, it was purely coincidental. And I’m not about to give you a history lesson, either; you may remain ignorant at your own peril.

    2. Flair Detroit says:

      He said “crooks” actually. I guess some white thought he was referring to them. LOL

    3. sfa says:

      When exactly did Coleman Young tell whites to hit 8 mile rd?

  7. westho says:

    Play the same games and just borrow more money… Who in the world would lend money to the cesspool?

  8. twang says:

    I hope they dont burn it down.Then all those blacks would go other places

  9. Ex-Cracker Detroiter says:

    African Americans have been in control of Detroit since the 70’s, and it has declined into a cespool of crime that the Government wouldn’t waste a perfectly good nuke on to cleanse the place by holy fire! President Obama has been in control of the White House for almost 4 years and the US has lost it’s AAA credit rating, voted in virtual socialized medicine, and now is practically owned by China. Sounds to me we have parallel managerial deficiencies associated with people of color. Both had the cry of “Change” and both have had similar results. I’m not being racist here, just stating the facts. I say if you want to grow an economy and recover from both the cities economic woes and the countries, let’s vote in an oriental person! After all, they have always been good with math and numbers, history doesn’t lie! Once the city turns around, they’ll be plenty of money for the current city management to open up “Chicken and Waffle” houses, or rib joints. After all you should do what you are good at!

    1. spud3849834 says:

      Let blacks control anything and it will go to ruin….

    2. GI-Joe Detroiter says:

      I especially like the quote “You had that black minister a couple days ago saying we’re not letting the governor take this city over — we’ll burn it down first. That’s what you’re gonna see, I think, people fomenting that kind of disorder,” he said. Some people are beyond help and hope, especially when their religious leaders are on the forefront of civil disobedience and unrest! Maybe Selfridge ANG base has some surplus napalm they can give em!

    3. retphxfire says:

      Obama created a mess that had 8 years to build up, with a whole lot of problems. China owned most of the west coast and other parts of the country before Obama, they purchased most of it during Bush. Our borrowing money from China;;;Bush. The outsourcing to China….made profitible to US companies by the GOP. Outsourcing US jobs…made extremely profitible by GOP. We’ve had Soc. Sec/Medicare for years. all tea partiers love them, many who never paid a dime into paying for the progams, now they want to deny coverage to infants, children and other vulnerable citizens. All the pandering and accepting of GOP revisionism and blaming Obama, Blacks,immigrants (in fact, our economy would fail without the immigrant workers, ask the growers) Unions for messes is naive, ignorant (by choice, not ome of you does your own homework), and just plain misguided. You are all blaming the wrong people, look in the mirror for electing/reelecting the same rich, pandering conservatives. It’s like when you gained all that weight, it was fast and easy to gain it, but takes a lot longer to lose it. Same with the Bush/GOP messes and Mr. Obama’s fix. sheesh x 100

      1. retphxfire says:

        There should be inherited a mess…in first line.

      2. xyz8944 says:

        After reading your mosty nonsensical post I don’t even know where to start in responding. I give up…

  10. Laura says:

    The movie “Escape from New York” comes to mind….

  11. Mike G says:

    Coleman Young was all Detroiters hero for many years as he was stealing them blind. He was such a pos loser I cannot believe he remained in power for as long as he did. the we all know Kwame at least he was caught and he didnt even have Krugerrands in his pockets but filled his entire family and friends with plenty of cash

  12. Flair Detroit says:

    I laugh when people refer to the US as a Christian country. The comments on this board are proof that it’s just not true.

    Everyone on here really needs to study history and then get the hatred and negativity out of their hearts. You people are sad…very sad indeed.

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