By: Evan Jankens

The debate has been going crazy for the last month with the news that Brandon Inge would be competing for the starting 2nd baseman job. After listening to calls over the past several weeks it seems that no one wants Inge to start at 2nd, the question is who you would like to start at 2nd come opening day. The spring is just about over, and the numbers are just about complete for the spring.

Here are the four options for the starting 2nd baseman job and their stats this spring:

Ryan Raburn– .325 AVG .364 OBP 6HR 18 RBI

Danny Worth– .313 AVG .395 OBP 1HR 6RBI

Ramon Santiago– .294 AVG .350 OBP 0HR 3RBI

Brandon Inge– .174 AVG .224 OBP 1HR 1RBI

I went around the office today at 97.1 The Ticket and asked around about who they think should start at 2nd.

Tony OrtizRamon Santiago: “He is the best fielder of the bunch and definitely a better hitter than Inge and better fielder than Raburn.

Doug Karsch– Ramon Santiago: “Closer to the whole package than anyone else.”

Scott “The Gator” Anderson– Ramon Santiago: “He has experience at the position and I believe Raburn will DH and play left field.”

Khang “Producer of Karsch and Anderson”- Ramon Santiago: “Santiago is a switch hitter and solid defensively”

Josh “Phone Screener for Valenti and Foster”- Ryan Raburn: “He is the best hitter and who cares about defense this team is built to drive in runs.”

Matt Dery Ryan Raburn: “Good bat and has Leyland’s trust.”

Mike Valenti– Ramon Santiago: “He is the most consistent of the group and is a switch hitter which is so valuable in today’s game.”

Now it’s your turn to vote on who should be the Tigers starting 2nd baseman on opening day.

Comments (7)
  1. Dave K says:

    Inge is like that long-time girlfriend that breaks your heart over and over. The girl can’t help it..neither can Inge..time to say bye bye and start anybody else that can field and bat. We allready have some slow runners. We need hits to get fat boys home.I say try worth or santiago

  2. Kosmo Kramer says:

    Why are there so many people voting for Inge. Enough already!

  3. Robert says:

    The answer is “What” should play 2nd.
    Also,everyone knows “Who’s on 1st”, so he can’t play 2nd.

  4. Robert says:

    Link to Abbot and Costello’s :Who’s on 1st” routine.

  5. Randy says:

    I support Ramon Santiago for 2nd baseman. He’s been extremely patient and repeatedly consistent. Inge is not a producer at the bat. He’s repeatedly an automatic out! Rayburn is a perfect utility player and should be kept for that reason. Give Santiago a chance to prove himself.

  6. Jerespoon says:

    Let’s see….who played the position in the play-offs? When Leland needed somebody he could trust he put Santiago in to play. Given a chance to play everyday his hitting stats will improve. His defensive skills are stellar and better than any of the other options.

  7. Jim May says:

    To call the 2nd Base job so early in the season just to start, could change from day to day with Jim L. He is well known to shuffle his line-up to challenge the opponents’ teams pitching/field defense! Let’s leave this choice wide open with whomever the Skipper picks,eh!

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