By Eric Thomas, 97.1 The Ticket

Let me begin this blog by saying I am not anti-marijuana. At all. I think it should be legalized in all forms across the board. I also agree with the late comedian Bill Hicks, who said that it should also be made mandatory for people who lay their shoulders into their car horns at busy intersections.

For me, the question of what has happened the to the Detroit Lions and Derrick Nix this week has nothing to do with marijuana. The attitudes have shifted on pot. Now when we hear a story about an athlete being pulled over the phrase “found with marijuana” literally chameleons into the wallpaper behind it. Dozens of states have passed medical marijuana laws so lax that people more or less have to raise their hand to get a card. Sixty percent of the population has tried it at one time or another (and that sounds low).

There are actual bags of snacks called ‘Munchies’ sold at supermarkets, Taco Bell is open until 4 a.m. and the Cartoon Network exists. It would be fair to call this a pot friendly nation. The last three presidents have all gotten baked and two were re-elected.

The NFL and other athletic organizations also seem a bit outdated. Marijuana would probably appeal to an athlete that is dealing with pain and needs to relax. The medical stuff is used in cancer treatments and has proven to be really effective. I would prefer that athletes use marijuana than Vicodin and Percocet. There are tons of athletes that wind up helplessly addicted to pain killers like Brett Favre and countless others. Considering what happened to Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Anna Nicole Smith, Chris Penn, Margaux Hemmingway, Abbie Hoffman, Keith Moon, Old Dirty Bastard and Elvis (to name a few) I would much rather have them using a substance that has never killed anyone… EVER.

The trouble with Mikel Leshoure, Derrick Nix and Nick Fairley was showing a lack of judgement. Its not like these guys were puffing to calm a throbbing knee. Its not like they were about to watch a Bugs Bunny marathon. They were out riding around and smoking. Look, if you are a kid attempting to hide from your parents and you are riding dirty because you have nowhere else to go, I lower my condemnation. There by the grace of God. But if you are a millionaire athlete who can afford an Escalade and you are driving around carrying pot, you are an idiot who deserves suspension and we need to ask ourselves if you are a bust.

All three of these guys live under draconian authoritarian rule. Roger Goodell hands out punishment with more enthusiasm than a seven foot dominatrix. The guy rules with an iron fist wrapped in an iron glove. Leshoure needs to duck. He got popped twice in 12 days. That shows a stunning lack of not only judgement but respect for the rules. If Goodell lowers the boom on guys who don’t bow to his authority, Leshoure could be held out as an example that few would run to defend. Nick Fairley’s suspension could be exacerbated because Leshoure warmed up the spotlight on Detroit. Again.

As for Derrick Nix, what a moron. At least the other two guys have contracts already. Seems like NBA scouts have even more reason to be skeptical, especially when “Suspended indefinitely” is hanging on your resume. Don’t get me wrong, Nix was s great player for the Spartans this year, and he will of course play next year. No one is going to have a problem with his penchant for a finely packed bowl, except for the people who will actually give him money to play the game.

That’s the point. Its not about the pot. These guys knew the dress code before they got into the club. There are plenty of things that are perfectly legal for the general population but are not legal for pro athletes. You can go into any GNC and buy creatine. In the NFL you are gonna be popped for four games. The question is not how we feel about marijuana and yes those penalties should be adjusted. The question is why did these athletes so willingly risk their future careers?

They are either dumb or weak. No other excuses.

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  1. Art6116 says:

    Is there a clause in Leshoure and Fairleys’ contracts about drug use. Can the LIons nullify their conracts? That would open up the salary cap for players that have learned their lessons in life and can fill the Lions needs. I think that Plexico and Janoris have learned and can appreciate another opportunity to be productive players. Fairley is a bust, paying him $9.89 million is a waste of cap money. He can’t breathe properly as it is and now he’s smoking pot instead of getting his deviated septum operated on. Listen to him talk!!!

  2. Tbird says:

    I never could figure out why marijuana was a banned substance in the first place. Its not a performance enhancing drug. but hes right its not about the marijuana its about their judgement. these guys know that its a banned substance and risked it anyway. why cant they just quit until they retire…people in the nfl retire by the time their 30 for the most part. If I had a chance to make millions I would do just about anything happily. making it to the nfl is like hitting the lottery…why would anyone risk it. he hit it on the head just plain stupidity.

  3. kevin says:

    I agree with the overall sentiment of this article, but marijuana is not a performance enhancing drug. It should not be a crime or grounds for NFL sanctions.

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