ALLEN PARK (WWJ) – A road work sign that normally carries messages about construction projects or lane closures was plastered with a hateful message in the overnight hours.

State police said an unauthorized person took over the sign along westbound I-94 near Livernois before the Southfield interchange.

The message in lights made a reference to Trayvon Martin, the teen killed by a neighborhood watchman in Florida, and included a racial slur.

Michigan Department of Transportation spokesman Rob Morosi said that at around 1 a.m. Monday someone was able to get into the box attached to the portable sign and pull out the keyboard.

He said that whomever is responsible knew what they were doing.

“These signs, obviously, are in cabinets which someone has to break into. And then they have to be knowledgeable as to how to erase the message that’s on there, create a new message and activate it,” Morosi said.

Morosi said they sent a crew out to the scene to address the issue as soon as they learned of it. The sign is now back on message, warning drivers about a construction project ahead.

The WWJ newsroom had been receiving multiple calls about the message.

Area resident Ken Furgama of Melvindale wasn’t happy to hear about it.

“I’d just hope it was an isolated train of thought, you know, but I do believe there are a lot of ignorant people still out there,” he told WWJ’s Ron Dewey. “I’m just sorry it happened.”

Reverend Wendell Anthony, of the Detroit Office of the NAACP, said it didn’t surprise him.

“We know that we’ve got some foolish people in all communities, in all races, in all ethnicities. But it is up to us who are wiser, who know better, to stand up, speak out, call it out, and let’s try to fix it as long as we’re able,” Anthony said. “So, I am not discouraged. I am still very much encouraged.”

MDOT is investigating with the help of Michigan State Police.  Morosi said that whoever is responsible could face some pretty serious charges.

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Comments (284)
  1. Pete in Flint says:

    It was an NBC producer looking for a job.

  2. Gabby Johnson says:

    No, dagnabbit, it says Trayvon is NEAR!

    1. Spencer says:

      Love Blazing Saddles

      1. Cleavon Little says:

        Hold still while ah whip this out….

    2. brucethehoon says:

      THAT’S *HEDLEY*!

    3. MadMax says:

      Howard Johnson is right…!

    4. The Waco Kid says:

      Winner. Well done.

    5. Governor William J. Lepetomane says:


  3. Pete in Flint says:

    It was an NBC producer just doing his/her job.

    1. anon-o-mouse says:

      no Pete it was a mistake not deliberate.

  4. slasher says:

    LOL what a champ.

    Good to know ppl are fighting for their people.

  5. walter12 says:

    There are many people in this country many black, and some white, that actually want a race war of some kind. They may get their wish this summer. I hope to God not. If they do, at least, that will finish off this monster Obama.

    1. DR says:

      Actually it will allow Obama to use his new powers and declare martial law which will make him the ruler until he decides to stop martial law. That would mean no election in Nov.

  6. joe says:

    How come no hate crimes charged, no DOJ investigations, no Jessie, no Sharpton, no media coverage, when there is a black on white hate crime, which are committed by blacks 100 to 1, in this country? Why this anti-white bias by Obama, DOJ, and the liberal media? Why are people voting for Obama and Holder who are actively promoting this anti-white bias? Black Panthers on video tape with clubs and Obama and Holder order the charges dropped? Really? And you are still going to vote for these Frauds?

    1. Hung says:

      Joe, because what’s the point of being a n****r if you can’t act like one?

    1. dooky says:

      dam I love that scene….

    2. bobthemoron says:

      Love the whole movie. The power of a single-minded individual can effect the outcome of any situation. These men were all heroes even the ones who didn’t get the medals.

  7. David from San Diego says:

    OK, so one a-hole jerk did one offensive thing.
    You know what is also offensive? When California displays propaganda messages on lighted signs that were only suppored to be for “Amber Alerts” (i.e., child abductions). What kind of propaganda? Stuff like: “Click-it or ticket”, or “Don’t text and drive, $159 fine, not worth it.” Why don’t they instead remind us that California Highway Patrolmen get to RETIRE at FIFTY, and receive an average pension of NINETY-EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR. Or they can remind us how the state is BANKRUPT because of all the welfare and illegal aliens that suck up the welfare.

  8. joe says:

    CNN hasn’t broadcast the truth about Tryvon, that he was suspended 4 times from school, once for having a bag with drugs in it. They just show his 6th grade picture to make him look like an innocent victim. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was out searching for a house to burglarize that night.

  9. john says:

    And if the sign had said…”romney is a honkie” it wouldn’t have been mentioned in the news.
    A sign is ok, if it says something bad about a white person, but absolutely horrible, if it mentions a black person.
    What a lousy society we have created.

  10. Uncle Tom says:

    Yo why de haves to disrespect tryvon dis waz and calls him d n word thats so hates ful because of da slaveries thats was doing to hims

  11. Barak Obama says:

    I blame George Bush!!

  12. Al Sharpton - race pimp says:

    Where are all the white women at?

  13. Cleavon Little says:

    C’mon guys, let’s lighten up.

    More “Blazing Saddles” movie quotes, please!

  14. BILL MCNEAL says:


  15. tree chimp says:

    Sanford Florida is about to chimp out, stay tuned

  16. joe says:

    The sign spoke the truth-what trayvon was a great kid?

  17. joe says:

    Crayon was disposable like a paper towel.

    1. chico says:

      or the butt-mutt on toilet paper. that’s how they treat eachother. that’s all their worth.

  18. KenyanClown says:

    Finally – A good use for these signs………….

  19. joe says:

    like trayvon will be missed by anyone. unwanted unneeded unloved

  20. Jimi H says:

    GOD MADE US ALL. Even if we don’t look, act and think alike, WE ARE ALL GODS CHILDREN. Instead of pointing fingers and hating from afar, try going up to someone of a different ethnicity and being nice to them – they smile just like you do. Even if they don’t speak the same language, they all understand friendliness…..

    1. joe2 says:

      Your God seriously f*cked up by unleashing a slew of worthless people upon the Earth.

      Just being born doesn’t give anyone the right to act any way they want to, and expect the rest of us to live with them. You should be judged by how you act and what you say… and using that standard, there are hundreds of thousands of sacks of walking sh!t that need a bullet in their brain NOW.

  21. Nancy says:

    Michael D. Thompson, aka as Doc Thompson has been fired from WRVA and WLW700 while on his honeymoon. Thank you WRVA and WLW700 for making our communities a better place to live in. Doc is now slinging mud on 1270 WXYT-AM in Detroit.

    Doc Thompson, WRVA and 700WLW radio talk show host and sometimes fill-in for the nut-case Glenn Beck, and Tea Party Darling, hides behind a cloak of satire so he can defend his hate speech by saying “can’t you take a joke?” If it is not Muslims, it is African-Americans or Hispanics at the end of his sharp, hateful, mean-spirited forked tongue. In this segment, his use of the recorded word “Negro” over and over is his attempt at dissing African-Americans. Racist to the core.

    (Coming soon – Peanut Allergies) – a new video featuring Doc Thompson and his Peanut Gallery exploitating the death of a local Richmond area child who died at school from an allergic reaction to a know peanut allergy.

    1. Nobama says:

      JDoc Thompson is married to an Asian, so I don’t think he is as racist as you would like to make others believe.

  22. human says:

    RE: maxovrdrv, Ty..
    seems if everything i said was addressed except the last question??

    My point. A warrior Race of intelligence aimed to destroy almost everything
    in nature… genetically almost all “white” things are genetic recessive,,and bound for exstinction! A psuedo Superiority based on conscience inferiority and defensive over-reaction. The white man was / has been welcomed bye every race of men with open arms all over the world,, only to be taught,, be fed,, and then turn and attack his host, destroy the foundations of evey social, spirital, and eco system he see’s fit and usually doesnt understand
    No attachment to nature, in which he cant control..
    To kill,,and honor the killers of non-whites, for killing is what drives the race toward its own survival, from genetic Annihilation.

    yes its true that many genetics are in all races of men,, but not all melenin, and consciece melenin (dark matter) is.

    the immortal gene,, (cells that do not die) do not exist in the cacausian..!!

    I dont hate whites,, but this comment, on the ignorance of the caucasian vs. Blacks in this particular media is funny,
    We’re all one people, but measuring all destruction on the planet, it seems to be that the most powerful, are the most insecure, and caused bye the real minority.
    polution of air, destruction of forest, animals, and habitat, the poisons, the onslaught of diesease, institutionalized slavery and incarceration.

    For all the things you white people hate about “N*ggers” , you should learn to accept, and love, your own creations!!!

    Ill ask once again to all the real smart white “rite” whitefolks.,,,

    Where did the white race come from???

    1. iratenate says:

      Where did the “white race” come from? A tough question, and one that cannot be answered without accepting one of the two major theories in the evolution of humans, either by Divine Creation or Darwinism.

      First of all, there is no “white race”, except in the minds of the ignorant racists who see everyone on the planet as either “white” or “dark.”

      Classification of race is not based on skin pigmentation at all. The race of Caucasoids, or what the ill-informed collectively refer to as “white folk,” contain numerous sub-groups ranging from pale skinned Nordics to dark skinned Basques.

      The fact that all races of man share the same origin is the most widely accepted theory. The differentiation between the three major races of man is attributed to genetic adaptation based upon climate and geography.

      How any of this relates to wh*te people hating n*ggers is beyond me. Perhaps you should ask the Right Ignorant Reverend Wright for more information.

      1. algoa456 says:

        Don’t be an idiot.

        Chiuaua and Great Dane both came from the wolf, but you argument suggest there is no such things as breeds. Same as in humans.

  23. Paul Scipio says:

    I bet it was NBC who was behind this, I don’t put nothing past the American version of Pravda

  24. iambicpentamaster says:

    What do Rev. Manning say ’bout dat?

  25. johndeveraux says:

    Well, Jesse, Al and Barack should be happy, they are getting what they want, pure unadulterated racial strife.

  26. Syd says:

    HEADLINE: DNC Operative Hacks Road Sign

  27. lugnut says:

    ATTENTION CATHOLICS! There are 70 million of you in America! I know some of you voted for
    President Obama.
    You need to realize that the 9-11 attack on America by Muslims resurrected the next round of crusades against the Catholic Church!
    The First Crusade (1096–1099) was a military expedition by Roman Catholic Europe to regain the Holy Lands taken in the Muslim conquests of the Levant (632–661), ultimately resulting in the recapture of Jerusalem in 1099. It was launched on 27 November 1095 by Pope Urban II with the primary goal of responding to an appeal from Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos, who requested that western volunteers come to his aid and help to repel the invading Seljuq Turks from Anatolia. An additional goal soon became the principal objective—the Christian re-conquest of the sacred city of Jerusalem and the Holy Land and the freeing of the Eastern Christians from Islamic rule.

    President Obama may not be Muslim…but he has Muslim ties…just read his own books!
    He and the his Department of Health and Human Services have launched an all out attack on your Religion!
    Many Democrat Catholic Politicians don’t even follow the teachings of the Church including Nazi Pelosi!

    You have the power to remove this evil President and the rest of the Democrats in Congress who spit on your faith!
    Folks, If Obama wants a war of divisiveness, so be it. Two can play that game.
    …and Obama said, “when push comes to shove I will side with Islam.” and so he did, as he has done repeatedly and consistently.

    Will you answer the call to lead this next Crusade against Obama and Islam???

  28. NeonLeon says:

    The elite keep coming up with new schemes to divide and conquer the American people. I guarantee a Federal Agent was responsible for this. We need to come together against the global bankers who are robbing us blind instead of fighting among ourselves.

  29. Jesse says:

    you had to figure that sooner or later decent people would get tired of all of the phony claims of racism and the racists who scream it.

  30. SenoritaBonita says:

    What I ADORE is the above bigots will ALWAYS be looking
    over their shoulders at a hood wearing a HOODIE


  31. soljerblue says:

    My, my — a racially charged message, and it wasn’t even in Alabama. Somebody done messed up!

  32. tree chimp says:

    Blacks are pure sh!t, they need to be euthanized to make way for something better like fleas or ticks or chiggers. Darn, I’ll even take a case of crabs if we can get rid of the trash called african-Americans. They are neither African nor American.

  33. Keitel the pimp says:

    I guess everyone who saw the sign, especially those people who look like Obama’s son, can expect a call from Obama to help them get over the severe trauma they suffered from seeing such a horrible thing on the road. Who will pay for all the years of therapy for everyone?

  34. chimp whisperer says:

    Apes are better people than the darn nigras we got runnin around here in Florida. Trust me, as a long time Florida resident I can tell you that these stupid animals should be caged for the benefit of all man kind.

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