By: Khang Huynh

The Pistons were blown out by the Orlando Magic this week 119-89. That’s 30 points! Obviously your first thought is they got down early and just gave up after that. But actually that wasn’t the case. The Pistons were losing but then Rodney Stuckey left the game with an injury and it just kind of snow balled from there. The team never gave up even when the bench was cleared to play guys like Charlie Villanueva and Walker D. Russell. I saw a lot of effort and hustle. Coach Lawrence Frank rarely sat during the game coaching hard until the very end. This team loss because of lack of talent not effort. On most nights this team is going to have to overcome talent issues. The young players are still learning how play the game and develop the talent they do have. So although they have been on the losing end of the score on most nights this year I can live with it as long as the effort is there. Hey plus another loss could mean another lottery ping pong ball and for those reasons a 30 point loss never looked so good.